February 2014 musing: What makes our heart beat fast?

THE month of love zoomed by in a heartbeat. Too swift, and I will admit it's the age. As one get older, time seems to be on fast forward. Why is it that the true essence of "life is too short," is grasped when we reach middle age?

After the realization, when is the right time set everything aside, put "me" on top of the list and to pursue our passions, those that make the heart race? What makes your heart beat fast?

The list may be long but there are those "heart beaters" that matter most. I had encounters with a few of mine in the past month of February.

Family is one and reunions are just the best most especially the other members of the tree I haven't seen in ages. Recently, our brood welcomed relatives from my father's hometown who are visiting Davao for the first time. It was a heartwarming gathering celebrated with good food and good bottles of whiskey. My father was in his elements and yes, very happy.

Family reunions are always heartwarming.

To some, the stories of family affection were shared. A pop-up exhibit/bazaar called Museum of Love was presented in Abreeza Mall. It was a collage of family treasures that relate stories of love between husband and wife, father/mother and child, which were interspersed among items for sale.

Mother-daughter love. Jackie’s wedding gift from her mom shown in a pop-up exhibit in Abreeza Mall.

How about the love that makes us giddy with excitement like a teen-ager going out on a first date? It's the feeling I get whenever I visit a new place, bucket listed or not.

Traveling in good company. With the DOT & Davao media family in Zamboanga del Norte. (Photo by Ian Ray Garcia)

It's like a blind date, even though you know a little something about the other party you never know what to really expect. I always apply one proven rule to guarantee having fun keep an open mind. Each place is unique and bears its own charm. Embrace the experience. It works all the time.

I've been to Mati, Davao Oriental, but the recent visit seemed like a first. 

Mati, feels like the first time with each visit.

So much has changed. There was a lovely promenade and this exciting addition to the city that's creating a buzz the Subangan Museum. It is impressive.

Davao Oriental’s very impressive Subangan Museum.

The second blind date I had was with a twin, and kissed them on the first date I did! The twin cities of Dipolog and Dapitan in Zamboanga del Norte are small but big in fun and adventure, and rich in history. Both are growing with the times but making sure its heritage is kept safe, intact and preserved. Jose Rizal would be so proud of them.

First date with Dipolog & loved the heritage preservation efforts of the city.

Dapitan upped my heart's speedometer. The deceiving look of Dakak's 1.3-kilometer zipline with a 300-foot drop can speed up your heart to a stroke but the ride is "child's play." The thrill rides in Fantastyland in Gloria de Dapitan though are the complete opposite innocent looking but gut wrenching.

In Dapitan, my heart beat for Rizal.

Then there is the kind of heartbeat we all want to fall in love with, the kind that burns the dreaded body fat, and you know I'm right in saying so.

Science, or your gym trainer, will tell you that the only way to rid that fat you are lugging daily is to go on a diet and exercise. Not just any exercise but a series of high-intensity exercises that keeps your heart rate up to burn body fat. The trend finally caught up in Davao so expect low-body-fat-count-Hulks strutting the city streets soon.

Your heartbeat that can burn fat. Just speed it up via an exercise regimen.

I added this exercise (Holiday Gym calls it Fitness Series) to my regimen and praying that the extra fast heartbeats will turn me more flexible, leaner and stronger.

But maybe the best treat for the heart anyone can have is falling in love. It's the ultimate form of workout for the heart. I almost got into this exercise but opted out because I was not ready (say what?!?). Which just proves that no one can be a better trainer to one's heart but oneself. But for reference, you can turn to Dr. Phil.

What about you? What makes your heart beat fast?


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