Have you bathed in the neon glow lately?

My first encounter with neon was back in the 80's. It was the hot trend then and I must admit I joined in the bathing in its glow.

It was also referred to as "shocking colors" (e.g. "I like his shirt with prints in shocking colors."-- classic, di ba?) because it glows as the backlights hit the print. It was fun wearing it at the disco. 

(image source: under the influence magazine)

It was the Day-Glo bright (aka fluorescent paint or luminous) graffiti collection that shot Stephen Sprouse to fashion stardom in the 80s.  

Since Stephen Sprouse was waaaaay beyond reality with a student's allowance, it was the Esprit tshirt (with the huge neon-colored logo printed that went around the body) from Cinderella, and having saved a few buck more, the  Fiorucci tshirt with the two cool cherubs printed on it from Rustan's for me.

image source: ebay.com

That was it.

I had my time and fair share of the glow. Getting older, I shied away from the bright colors that catch attention and so I stuck to the classic look. Maybe I turned into a bore.

It wasn't my thing anymore not even if it resurfaced on the fashion scene and became trendy again, the Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2013 bags included.

But maybe, just maybe, I can relive my life in the neon glow now and then. Not through fashion but way of accessorizing dance music (which I still love).

Maybe I will go to this rave party to bathe in the neon glow again, and because my friend DJ Wacky Masbad is spinning.

Maybe you should to and expect something like this…..

LIBERALIA, the neon glow party.
March 15, Saturday
Crocodile Park concert grounds.


VIP : P1,500
*Unlimited Bacardi drinks
*Stage side (literally)
General Admission : P500
*1 free welcome drink to the first 200 guests. 

Outlets: Soul lifestyle GMall & Abreeza;  Cellar de boca SM Lanang Premier; Backyard Burgers Quimpo Blvd.; OR PM in Facebook: Dan Pacoy, Chat Elizagaque, Paolo Villanueva, Raphael Paulo

Route from 2PM to 12 MN with 5 - 10 minutes waiting at each stop:
1 - S & R Matina (the gate fronting NCCC) -
2 - GAISANO MALL (near van terminal) -
3 - ABREEZA MALL (back parking) -
4 - SM LANANG PREMIER (back parking)