April 2014 musings: Bless the April showers

Just as fast as the raindrops fell on dry earth, the days of this month did more than trickle—it poured, and fast at that, April sped by quickly.

There was no fooling around with the heat. Days are scorching and dry but the evenings come with blessings of rain to lower the temperature to tolerable levels, cool enough to get a good night’s sleep, for some nights at least.

So far, we’ve seen a showering of winners that emerged on the fourth month of the calendar. The Catholics were washed away of their sins care of the big Man’s intercession and on the same week, the country was rewarded with a long break and came out of meditation with a cleansed soul and tanned skin tone.

The other time when the nation was at peace was when the Pambansang Kamao got in the ring and exchanged punches with Bradley. Pacquiao won the rebout against Bradley and now owns the Welterweight belt.

Pacquio-Bradley rebout. Pacman won the belt this time.

Credits go to hard work, luck and Mommy Dionisia’s (who became the real star of the show) powerful prayer which appeared as hexing his son’s opponent.

The star of the boxing match-Mommy Dionesia. Praying or hexing Bradley?

On the local front, a bunch of lucky shoppers just won P100K, a travel junket and gadgets. Big Davao Fun Sale, the country’s first and biggest shopping event, announced the names of the winners at the end on the month-long event. Congratulations shopaholics…and to everyone who made this blitz a success—DOT, the malls, hotels and restaurants, Agoda, the airline partners, and those who pitched in.

 DOT Asec. Art Boncato, Jr. reading the name of the grand prize winner of the Bg Davao Fun Sale shopping blitz (photo from Art Boncato's FB account)

After a successful run, this DOT-spearheaded campaign will be back next year with bigger and wider reach especially because it's going to be a Visit Philippines 2015, said Asec. Art Boncato, Jr.

At the Big Davao Fun Sale grand raffle draw, DOT Asec. Boncato with the participants of the first & biggest shopping event in the country (photo from Art Boncato's FB account)

While we wait for the Big Davao Fun Sale prizes to be collected, one man doesn’t want to accept a possible award he can win—Mayor Rudy Duterte. After he was nominated to the 2014 World Mayor Award, a recognition given to a mayor who has made outstanding contributions to his/her community and has developed a vision for urban living and working that is relevant to towns and cities across the world, he requested for this nomination to be withdrawn. 

Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte is nominated for the 2014 World Mayor Award but wants his name withdrawn from the list. " I am paid to do my work so I do not need any award," he said.

In a published report in SunStar, Duterte said, "As a matter of official and personal policy, I do not accept rewards,” and added, "I do not accept awards. Ayaw ko yan. Tanggalin niyo pangalan ko. I am paid to do my work so I do not need any award. Hindi ko yan tatanggapin.”

But there are those Dabawenyos who have accepted their rewards without knowing it—a longer life span. The population of health conscious individuals is on the rise.

At Holiday Gym, the gym I go to, members are now trying out all the exercises available—from weightlifting to cardiovascular exercises, fitness series to yoga, basketball to boxing, the number of class participants have increased—and that’s not just because its summer. Congratulations health buffs!

The health-conscious family is getting bigger. Fritz instructing the Holiday Gym yogis & yoginis at yesterday's outdoor yoga class at the Waterfront Insular Hotel gardens. Other instructors present were Lora & Jumil (photo by Zosimo Co).

Thank God for these winning April showers, now I’m looking forward to the May flowers.

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on April 27, 2014.