May 2014 musings: Feeding the appetite for music & the arts

IT DOESN'T happen often enough (or, don’t I go out often enough) and when it does come to the city, I drop everything and feed my appetite for arts and culture. Luckily, the month of May had those “get up and go watch” moments that were truly welcome break from my daily grind. Time to be a fan!

Locsin Dance Workshop summer recital

Agnes Locsin is one of the artists I respect and works I look forward to catching, and the 2014 summer recital of the Locsin’s Dance Workshop was a venue to catch her new creations and view excerpts of a few of her (forever) breathtaking opuses like the Moriones, Igorot and Salome.

Powerful. Agnes Locsin's Moriones

It was a recital that veered away from the norm. It could have been a per-class or per-age group presentation but Agnes wove a story in dance that incorporated the students’ performances. She let the students take a peek into how it is to be part of a real show.

The streetdancing showdown segment of Pulso ng Dabaw at the summer showcase of the Locsin Dance Worskhop

Both the matinee and evening shows were fabulous. The Engkanto (personal favorite: the white ladies segment) and the PulsongDabaw (personal favorite: the street dance showdown) were engaging and injected with humor, with story lines that the audience can relate to.

Lani Misalucha in Abreeza

We should see this diva more often. Lani Misalucha's Abreeza mall show was a huge treat to everyone present

The first time I caught this diva sing live was eleven years ago at a Crossover Live event at the Central Bank convention hall (I wish this venue reopens. The size and location is perfect for shows). LaniMisalucha is one of the country’s best singers, immeasurably far better than the screaming/screeching vocalists the majority of the Pinoy population idolizes.

A die hard fan with the diva

Lani peeled herself from the local music scene to perform in a bigger field—at the Las Vegas strip. She’s in out of the PI and always her presence is felt. This time (hoping she stays longer and be more visible), she recorded an album and promoting it around the country. I’m glad she made it to Davao and serenaded her fans at the Abreeza Mall (yes, I am one, was present and very happy I went).

The Acropolis reopens

If you love music and dance to it, Acropolis in the 80’s was already a super club where the young, glitzy cliques of Davao went to hang out, dance and sometimes get drunk. Those were the days when the disco kids felt like gods and goddesses with no sense of time and alcohol inhibitions emerging from their laser-lighted caverns at the break of dawn intoxicated (read: no curfew). It was fun.

Full house. Acropolis reopens & the opening night was an 80's music treat

Recently, a pack of daring souls reopened the once disco and tagged it a “super club” plus a gorgon’s head for a logo. My disco soul found itself in the club on opening night and with DJ’s AgieAngco and Gary’s tunes, it was like being in the 80’s again. I had fun!

Last night the DJ saved my life. DJ Agie Angco's retro tunes made me stay at Acropolis

Fridays, the designated retro, night would be a good night to gather the disco-dancing clique and reminisce the fun-filled yesteryears—minus the padded shoulders, baggy pants, please, and no matter how much you are engulfed with the music and memories, avoid the “ledge” at all cost. There is a limit to one’s frolicking. What was good then (when you were young, slim, fashion savvy and cool), may not be at this present time (when you are older, with a beer belly or a fuller figure, and with kids who may just be present in the vicinity). Just a friendly advice but hey, don’t take my word for it, you can do as you please while the rest of the club can watch your “super” performance from a distance. The smiles may not be of admiration though.

For the younger set, the rest of the week’s music will suit you. Check out the place and see if the dance floor concept is for you.


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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on June 01, 2014.