How to wave hello & farewell with messy fingers

2 in 1 messy fingers waving: hello to the new Boiling Crab & Shrimps & farewell to a friend who’s off to walk a new path. To both, we know we shall them again, soon.

I’ve witnessed its birth, twice in fact. The first-born was where the popular watering hole and billiard joint was and six months after, the younger sibling entered the scene, this time farther towards the north side of the city. Maybe that’s how it is when popularity strikes, you got to keep them coming.

Say hello to the new branch at Lanang Business Park.

Welcoming both is best with messy hands. It’s the appropriate way of doing so in these joints. It’s a family thing, a fiesta— gather around the table covered with wax paper (it could be banana leaves for a touch of nostalgia), wear the bibs, spill the food at the center for everyone to share and dig in. But not until you heed mom’s order, “Go wash your hands first.”

Family doesn’t mean sharing the same DNA. It’s the people you can dine with sans cutlery.

Maybe this is why I always love dining at Boiling Crabs and Shrimps. It’s one place that you can let your hair down and eat without pretense with the company you’re with. And company is always family, not necessarily of the same bloodline but good friends, the brother or the sister “from another mother,” as the expression goes. These are the people you can welcome to family and eat with sans the utensils.

The new BC&S has a more intimate vibe that its older brother.

The same idea applies to the one you’re dating, you have to be really close or self-assured to be eating with your hands and be okay with it. How else are you supposed to pick crabmeat from its crevices or peel shrimps off its shells if you don’t’ use your fingers? (BUZZ- unlimited shrimp offer for P399 only, 2-5PM on weekdays).

Hear ye, hear ye! The Shrimp-all-you-can promo is back at BC&S!


And, if after the messy fingers meal your heart is beating more rapidly believing “this is it” and the spoken words evade you, go write it on the graffiti wall—Adam ❤ Eve. It won’t look cheesy because you’re not alone. If not, go write just the same and replace the heart emoticon with the ampersand—Adam & Eve ate here. Either way, the important thing is you both enjoyed the food.

Honored to be the first few to write on the new branch’s virgin graffiti walls.

I remember the BPAs (what we call our group) “vandalizing” the first resto, we were the first few to do so after our messy fingers licking dining. It was the same with the second branch in Lanang Business Park (between Ford & KIA Showrooms). We entered with the walls so immaculately white and unblemished, not until we got hold of the markers, which was even before feasting over the new specialties—Garlic Pork Riblets and the Buttered Cereal Shrimps, along our staple orders of garlic crabs and shrimps in mildly spiced Cajun sauce.

New on the BC&S menu, the Garlic Pork Riblets and the Buttered Cereal Shrimps, and a staple favorite: the garlic crabs.

While laughter was always part of the table, there was also an episode where we had to wave our messy fingers adieu to a dear friend who would be grazing another green pasture (Davao is green enough but she’d like to give this new place a shot for her kid). It was safe to say that if the eyes went teary, the spicy sauce didn’t cause it.

There are 2 dipping sauces to go with your entrees.

It was fun night of feasting over great food with family, a good way to remember leaving Davao (temporarily) by, and look forward to the next messy fingers episode in this same place. It won’t take long for that to happen. In the mean time, there’s always Face Time.


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Published in the SunStar Davao newspaper in July 20, 2014.