August musings: Ghosts of Davao present

The nightingale sang. Lani Misalucha performed to a full house in a concert last Friday at the SMX Hall.

Horror stories. The scariest must have been when a wide-eyed kid appeared over my shoulder while I was reading a text message and said, “Wow, the letters on your cellphone are SO big!” Ugh, yet another reminder of the age and the degeneration of eyesight, among others, that comes along with the package.

Yes, the fonts are big in my phone & anyone a mile away can read it.

Maybe what’s worse is when you exercise daily and watch what you eat, then out of the blue you receive a comment, “lumaki ka,” at the gym no less. It can’t be a lie when three people say it in a span of two hours in one venue. Another cannula session calling?

Worst, I know where I should be but still go anyway. At my age, socials is limited to cocktails and dinners but last Friday I dared to swim in a pool filled with fingerlings, me the old fish—the only one. Ugh! So that was what the scene looks like today in Davao, the weekend at least. It reminded me of the club days of the past, this one though is more t-shirt and shorts scene. Well, each generation has its time and today it’s theirs (and mine is over, but more glamorous. LOL). I’m glad though that Davao’s nightlife is quite spirited even if the spirit has a 2AM serving cut-off.

Don’t take me seriously. The stories above are related in jest. What’s to be taken humorlessly though are the incidents that transpired over the Kadayawan festival. It’s more horrorific.

First, the marshals ruled over the street parades that photographers, journalists and hobbyists, had the most difficult time taking their shots, totally unmindful of their work as professionals. They purposely block the scenes and, worst, they were “shooed off”.

There’s a first time for everything. Kadayawan 2014 coverage for photographers was horrifying. (Photo from Joji Alcantara’s FB page)

As to why this happened after so many years, reason (logical, it should be) still evades all of us to this day (“all is well” according to the Kadayawan execom doesn’t buy it). What we all know is that through these photographers, the festival has been getting free publicity on all types of media format. SunStar editor-in-chief eloquently expressed “how to kill a festival” in her editorial piece.

On the other side of town, the scientist of the science of stupid looked more stupid over the brouhaha of reactions over his “hipon” slur. Too bad for him someone in power was present and didn’t let it pass. Well, the guy apologized but everything worked to his advantage—his popularity soared notches higher, the wrong reason it may be. But that’s how it is in showbiz.

The stage that hipon built. The party was fab except for one who exhibited that stupidity is a science. (Photo from Anton Lopez’s FB page)

On the sweeter side, the supply of fruits hasn’t diminished yet. Yeah! Durian, lanzones and mangosteen galore in pop up stores all over the town at unbelievably cheap prices.

The Gourmet Collective turned a year old and with a couple interesting addition to its line-up, Qibus and La Bodeguita. While the rest of the participants still serve the same offering (available in their restaurants yearlong) I look forward to the stalls that don’t have freestanding restos at all. Bangkok Wok is one and its ever-changing menu always offers something delicious, new and exciting with each bazaar. Another new player, Qibus, serving Latin American food, made its mark with Patron (chicken shawarma) and it’s delicious. I hope they come up with new ones in the next event.

The latest serving of Davao Gourmet Collective included one exciting addition to the menu-- Latin American. The Patron (chicken shawarma) is delicious!

The nightingale sang and Davao listened—in awe. Truly a diva that can give anyone the goose bumps, Lani Misalucha performed to a full house in her concert last Friday, which just shows that the Dabawenyos recognize and support real talent. This is her second major concert in the city, the first was in 2004, and after a decade, Lani’s admirers now include a younger set. Expect it to grow as this diva is back the country after her Las Vegas stint and making herself very visible in the local music scene.

The Social Calendar: A list of MUST SEE in Davao.

1. Locsin Dance Workshop’s Bulak: Ika-Limang Galaw, the fifth of a series of ballets created by uber talented Agnes Locsin. It’s a dance tribute to nature that took off with Ugat. The latest opus will show the flowers bloom. Locsin Dance Studio Theater, Quirino Avenue. LAST SHOW TONIGHT at 7PM.

Last performance tonight. Must watch BULAK: Ika-Limang Galaw. Another Agnes Locsin opus. (Photo from Locsin Dance Workshop’s FB page)

2. Chan Lim Family of Artists & Students exhibit of Chinese & Western Paintings at the Atrium of the SM Lanang Premier. After exhibiting Chinese paintings on scrolls and fans, the latest show will showcase paintings on scrolls and plates. It’s an amazing collection of decorative keepsakes. Check out Mr. Chan Lim’s tea set, each of the six tea cups are painted differently. Exhibit runs until September 14.

Must see: the Chinese painting exhibition at the Atrium of SM Lanang Premier. This time on scrolls & plates.

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Published in the SunStar Davao newspaper on August 31, 2014.