November 2014 musing: thanking “me,” first & foremost

It’s not being selfish, it’s about taking care of “me” and work at getting “whole.” After all, who else can take care of one best than one’s self. In turn, this makes extending the TLC to others more effectively.

Now let’s jump into the Thanksgiving bandwagon and extend the gratitude to “me,” the person we should be thanking first. But don’t wait for November to do this. Do it as often as you can. Be grateful and the Universe will shower you with infinite gifts.

How do you thank “me’? Well, we have our own ways of doing this but there is one ting we can agree with—for the “me” to look at its best day in and out. I hope and pray, though, we all do this for the same reason—for “me” and not for anyone else. Like they say, if we feel good about ourselves, the glow will show, thus the attraction of everything positive.

Good grooming is just one “me” treat. While the men’s vanity kit is starting to get bulkier these days, the women has gotten used to theirs in that state. But with the recent launching of the new skin and beauty products we have seen in the city, should we order a bigger kit to fit the new ones in?

The beauty bars at SunLab and MarTish stores.

Amy Lennane, co-founder of Eye of Horus Australia

SunLab at the second level of the Gaisano Mall and MarTish along L.P. Laurel Ave. (beside Villa Margarita), have developed a strong following among Davaoeños as the go-to-place for the country’s most hip indie fashion brands and statement pieces.

Makeup Artist Carine Bacani demos daily look with Eye of Horus make-up

This year, the stores are being reinvented and adding a beauty and skincare, with MarTish having an earlier start and SunLab launching theirs recently, when it turned 8. Staying true to its heritage of carrying the freshest and trendiest cult brands, the stores partnered with Glamourbox Philippines, a multi-brand beauty & cosmetics retailer with a strong online presence, and Elleana Mineral Cosmetics, a popular Philippine mineral makeup line, to bring the latest score-worthy off-the-radar makeup brands to Mindanao.

Paoie Minerales of EOH Phil, Cat Santos of Martish, Lian Ramos of Glamourbox.Ph, Makeup Artist Carine Bacani, Amy Lennane of EOH Aus, Isabella & Ching Aviles of Martish

New to Davao and available at the SunLab Beauty Lab and MarTish are: Ellana Mineral Cosmetics, a brand offering a wide range of sophisticated and affordable mineral makeup created especially for Filipina skin. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin but strong enough to withstand the tropics; POP Beauty, created by singer and makeup artist, Sarah Strand, is designed to allow women to express their uniqueness and individuality through one-of-a-kind colors and hues; Pixi by Petra, the “makeup to wakeup” brand created with busy women in mind, boasts of its high-quality, multi-functional, skin-loving products that bring out each woman’s natural beauty, so that you end up looking like you, only better; the OFRA Cosmetics, which has been in the industry for over twenty years. It is a favorite among makeup professionals and enthusiasts alike as it offers an extensive selection of colors & textures and only uses the finest ingredients to suit even the most sensitive skin, with rich, long-lasting pigments that stay on beautifully; and the Australian-born Eye of Horus, a brand created especially for those with brittle lashes and sensitive eyes. Naturally formulated in the style of ancient Egyptians using plant-based ingredients and waxes, it lengthens, volumizes and nourishes the eyes and lashes in a budge-proof, long-wearing formula that’s non-irritating;

SunLab duo Marga Nograles & Sarah Claudio

Make-up artist Carine Bacani was the special guest during the launches of the make-up brands. She used the new-in-Davao make-up brands and demo-ed how to achieve the “nude /no makeup look” perfect for daytime and transform it in no time to a dramatic nighttime look afterwards.

Carine demos day to evening look on Dit-Dit with SunLab's make-up collection

Body + skin care

Men will have to make space in their vanity kits as well for this new skin care line that was recently launched in the city, Zenutrients, a 2007-born brand created out of necessity. The creators discovered a remedy for their skin ailments in virgin coconut oil. Soon after, the line expanded to include other skin and body care products.

Angela & Robbie DInglasan of Zenutrients' with Carmina del Rosario

Locally, it was introduced in a very unconventional and stylish way via an intimate luncheon hosted by the Crazy Cook owner, Carmina del Rosario. The menu was a list of healthy food, some of which were fused with the natural ingredients Zenutrients’ use in its products.

Zenutrients' lunch guests Rochelle del Rosario, Mike Dakudao & Malouchi Gahol

Check out Zenutrients’ products at the atrium of the SM Lanang Premier.

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Published in the SunStar Davao newspaper on November 30, 2014.