A whole lot of rockin’ & rollin’

IF THERE was one party that perked me up this season that would be Marco Polo Davao’s annual Christmas party for its team. I had a blast!

The party got rocking' & rollin'

For this year’s hotel associates’ annual Christmas gathering, Grease was the word. 

For Marco Polo Hotel this year, Grease is the word.

Yep, the recent party’s theme was Grease, the movie with the John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John tandem. It hit the silver screen in 1978, at the time I was in high school. Yes, I can relate to it as the film was also shot in a high school setting with the same characters pretty much populating the school I was in.

The 1978 movie & the 2014 theme for Marco Polo Davao's annual Christmas party

Bad boy Danny & his gang.

Good girl Sandy & her clique

The mean girls of yesteryears.

The different departments of the hotel were grouped into four teams and tasked to perform in the night’s program. But more than presentations, it was a contest. The annual staging is a cutthroat competition for the title.

Singing live (& looking good at it) is a big plus point for Team 1.

This year, however, the fierceness of the competition was completely veiled, or perhaps even ignored, under the fun of the theme. At least, that’s how I perceived the whole program to be, and that is why I clicked the “like” button.

Cadillac riding duo from Team 2.

As the Dannys and the Sandys, the Pink Ladies and the T-Birds took to the stage, the ballroom lit up with smiles and joined in the fun. Everyone was singing along with the tunes played, swaying to the beat and clapping their hands. Whose spirits wouldn’t be raised with the upbeat tunes of the movie’s soundtrack? Who could resist not boogieing to it.

Looking sweet in their candy-colored, polka-dotted get-ups are the damsels from Team 3.

Nerds rule! And take home the girls. Team 4.

To even up the playing ground, the big bosses did their part and produced a themed video clip where they starred in.

Maybe Team 2, the tandem of Finance and Housekeeping, took home the trophy this year, and special recognition was given to the long-time employees, but it was the whole of Marco Polo’s workforce who won, especially after president announced the year’s bonus.

Bearer of good tidings, the president.

The Ten Years Service Awardees

The Five Years Service Awardees

Congratulations Marco Polo Davao and keep having fun! Happy holidays!

Grease-d in green. The selfie of the night.

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Seen at the party:

Marco Polo Davao's General Manager Anthony Tan with Marco Polo Hotels' Vice President for Operations Mr. Philippe Caretti

 Jocy Ledesma with Halifax Davao Hotel Inc.’s Director Virginia Andersen

Halifax Davao Hotel Inc.’s Chairman & President Mr. Carlos G. Dominguez with Cynthia Dominguez

Paul & Rosie Dominguez

Aboitiz Power's First VP for Mindanao Affairs Bobby Orig with wife, Joy.

With Marco Polo Davao's F&B Manager Patrick Capili, Davao City Tourism's Officer Ms. Lisette Marques, and Lifestyle writer Kenneth Ong.