M&S Davao Style File: Togonon sister, two of a kind

OPPOSITES attract. This law of attraction is best manifested in these two ladies -- the Togonon sisters. Both are married with children. Marydict, 38, is wife to Emerson Rosales and mother to their four kids, and younger sister, Angel, is 33 and married to Conrad Go with three kids between them.

Complementary in more ways than one. Angel in Per Una knitted top in red, Classic crop pants in white & M&S Collection sunglasses; and Marydict in orange linen top & indigo pull-on leggings, all from M&S Collection.

The sisters can't be two peas in a pod with their personalities on the opposite ends of the pole. Marydict is the serious, unsmiling type while Angel is the perennially the jolly prankster with a grin. "Everything about us is the opposite," said the giggling elder sister.

"I am so crazy and silly, and will always be the shy, little girl. Marydict is the composed and knowledgeable one," said Angel.

Though they agree on their love for clothes, bags and shoes, their fashion senses don't fall on the same page-Marydict's wardrobe is on the single tone of black with pieces the basic cuts while Angel's is popping with colors on the more playful designs.

Spring ahoy! Angel in M&S Collection Blue & White striped top, Per Una knitted top in red, Classic crop pants in white & M&S Collection sunglasses.

"I don't like social functions because that means I have to think of an outfit to wear, and the only style I know is something in black and killer heels. Angel, on the other hand, loves to dress up for parties. She will look fashionable and I will end up looking serious and formal," confessed Marydict.

The green season begins. Marydict in a M&S Collection ensemble for Spring: chartreuse zip front top & black leggings.

Even on food, their choices clash. "I'm the healthy eater and she eats crap," shared Angel, but Marydict refers to it as something else, "She eats healthy, yucky tasteless food. I cook and eat gourmet meals." They both laugh.

Surprisingly, they're like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that fit perfectly together. They don't clash. In fact, they're each other's support system, filling each other's needs like cheerleaders at a game. They totally complement each other.

"I'm sort of the fashion-savvy. So, if she has a fashion emergency she calls me.

She's the brain-savvy. So, if I have brain emergencies, I call her," admits Angel, to which Marydict nodded to and added, "She teaches me the coolest and newest styles, I bail her out of sticky situations."

Sisters in springtime by M&S Collection. Angel in chambray plain top linen, leggings in natural color, turquoise mix necklace & red belt; and Marydict in chartreuse zip front top & black leggings.

There is this other thing that binds the sisters-their love for tea and collecting tea sets. Both of them started collecting at about the same time some fourteen years ago.

Marydict recalls her fondest moment on drinking tea. It was when her grandmother taught her proper table etiquette including the right way to prepare and drink tea.

Spring is in the air. Marydict in orange linen top & indigo pull-on leggings, both from the M&S Collection.

With Angel, her fondest memory was more recent. It was when her eldest daughter said that she wanted to start drinking tea like her. "I was so happy. I now have a tea buddy in the family. My daughter fired up the kettle, chose the loose leaf she wanted to try, searched for the tea strainer and picked her own teacup. Mind you, she is more choosy than me," shared Angel.

Cool as the sky in Spring. Angel in chambray plain top linen, leggings in natural color, turquoise mix necklace & red belt, all from M&S Collection.

As for the sisters' advice to budding collectors, Marydict's advice is this, "Start with one. Expensive or inexpensive tea set, share a cup of tea with your loved one, even your children. No distractions. You will be amazed at how much you've missed out on each other."

Angel agrees with her older sister, she added, "Just have fun. Enjoy your pieces and use it since you paid quite a lot for it."


Photography: Paul Borromeo
Styling: Meg Sta. Ines & Otoy Mercado
Outfits: Marks & Spencer
Shot on location at Marks & Spencer & SM Lanang Premier

Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on March 24, 2015.

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