Oh, Daddy

THIS story is about daddy—yours, mine and theirs. It is probably one of those stories that we all have in common, something that we can nod to in agreement. It’s about dad’s peculiarity that makes us go, “Daddy, daddy, daddy, ooooh.”

Have you ever taken dad shopping? Notice how he just eyes on the things he want, which he probably need, but just stare at it? Don’t you think that "dad is the hardest man to take shopping?"

Scent of a man.
Buy dad his favorite scent, or add a new favorite on his list. Take him to Marks & Spencer and let him find a scent that agrees with him. He’ll step out smelling good. All fragrances and toiletries are at 20% off until June 21.

You see he wants it. You know he needs it. “What is he waiting for?,” you ask yourself. Then a hundred reasons run through your head trying to come up with one logical answer why he’s eyeing on something but won’t to buy it for himself.

The ‘attitude’ extends beyond the retail shop. On dining out, it’s always, “Anong gusto nyong kainin?.” He lets everyone else order and just nibble on what’s on the table feeling content with a beer on hand.

You ask, “Hindi ka kakain?,” and his reply would be, “Kumain lang kayo d’yan, OK na ako dito.”

Dad’s beer pairing 
With these dishes, Dad won’t only set his beer bottle aside but will ask for extra rice. Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine’s offering is just too good to be pulutan, but they won’t deprive dad of his beer. On Father’s Day, dad gets a free bottle of beer with a pulutan. It will be his appetizer before a heavy dinner.

Unless we are wearing their shoes, then we won’t be able to fathom the real reason why dads won’t shop for the stuff they need or eat the food we order. There is just that ‘maybe’.

Maybe he does not really need it. Maybe he really does not want it that bad. Maybe he wants it in another color. Maybe he wants something else to eat. Maybe he’s setting the money aside to buy grocery, pay the house bills, for the school tuition, for the mortgage, for insurance. Maybe, just maybe the reason he’s holding back on these “unnecessary expenses” is you. Maybe it’s all about you and the rest of the family. Maybe he wants to put his family’s needs ahead of his.

Or maybe, at this point in his life, he’s just waiting for us his kids and wife, to buy these things he needs and/or wants for him, order the dish everyone will enjoy, or just be pampered like he pampers his brood. He just don't utter the words.

 Head of the house.
Dad will go to his barber for his regular haircut, but he won’t notice his crowning glory needs extra attention. Maybe he wants the grey hair veiled professionally or get a hair spa therapy that can nourish dry scalp, prevent dandruff or hair fall. This June at Rocky’s, hair spa is free if he avails of the hair coloring. He’ll emerge a new man.

So, the next time you are out malling with the family and your dad stares at something a bit longer than normal, raise a shirt and say, “Maganda ito, ah,” or tries on a pair of shoes and smiles, but let's go of it, take a hint. Buy it! More than him admiring these, he wants it.

Dapper Dad
Ninong duties, corporate meeting, or a fancy night out with mom, Dad will be needing a fancy get up in he can pull out of his closet. Get him a nice set at Marks & Spencer. He’ll be looking like he stepped out of a GQ magazine. All formal menswear—suits & trouser, formal shirts & neckties at 20% off until June 21.

This month is the best time to take him around with the retail shops, hotels, restaurants and pampering centers are offering great deals on Father’s Day month. You not only save on a few bucks, but you also make ‘the man’ smile (and be proud of you).

Maybe it is in the genetic make-up of men that this oddity is triggered the moment they become fathers. I don’t know. I won’t be able to find out because I am not a father and won’t be a one either. Maybe I am correct in my assumptions above. Maybe.

But this one thing I am sure of: if we can make everyday a happy father’s day for dad, then let’s do it. Cheers to you, man of the house! Thank you for the love.

De-stress Dad
To do this, nothing can be better than a time at the spa. A good relaxing foot or body massage will be the best pampering ever. Out comes a rejuvenated dad! Send him to these spas: Pressure Points, 20% off on all services from June 19-21; Zhi Ya, 10%-15% off on selected services on June 21; Solaz, 10-15% off on selected services from June 15-22.