One night at the castle…

The guards came out to meet us as our ride approached the gates and politely asked for our names. “Snow White,” I said. I never knew how the name I give at the Starbucks would be so appropriate at this time. Wasn’t the name royalty enough to gain access to the castle gates?

Guard one signaled to the other to open the gates. Not because of “Snow White” but because my friend driving the car gave his name, a real name. Apparently Snow White wasn’t expected. But I was.

Snow White (right) was granted entry because Emil (left) gave his real name.

I’m pretty sure many still wonder if the big house that sits on the higher ground of a subdivision is occupied at all. Some may even think it’s an abandoned home because “nary a soul stir in the compound,” they say.

The mood at the big house on that night.

The palatial structure is a home, very much in use and heavily guarded—by eight territorial Chow Chows, which I strongly advise you shouldn’t be messing with. 

The lady of the house & celebrant, Malouchi, with Louie.

The house does not have 7 dwarves but 8 Chow Chows. (photo from Malouchi's FB)

And these are very territorial & highly protective of their master, as you can see. (photo from Malouchi's FB)


It was not until recently when I first set foot on the wide grounds. This would be the second, both instances, the birthday of the lady of the “castle.” 

Another fruitful life lived & looking forward to more

This was just one of Malouchi’s few celebrations, a night with the BPAs (and don’t ask what it means and most irrelevant at this point because a new name was coined), a gang that was formed years ago but gained a name in the course of the regular luncheon gatherings. 

The BPAs minus 3 members- MCara, Anavi & Otoy

As usual, it was kept casual and relaxed, no ball gowns or tailcoats, with the dining table as the main “arena”—for eating, chatting and hearty laughter. We only stood up when it was time to leave.

Eileen Sitjar & Monette Cutler

Ken Ong & Christian Gahol

Boo Marmaba & Marissa Tionko

Until the next gathering in your lovely home. Thank you for letting Snow White feel what it was like living in a palace. I wish you all the best and live happily ever after.

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