I served apples on the recent edition of the Davao Gourmet Collective

No stall for The Royal Bitch at this fair, but that didn't stop him from serving apples - for free!

The Davao Gourmet Collective was jam-packed from day 1. All the stalls were raking it in but from where I was newcomer Alibaba Shawarma had the longest line. They didn’t foresee their fans’ appetites that they had to replenish stock a couple hours after they opened. If you need to chase it, go to Felcris Centrale and get the wrap version. The homemade flat bread is made so thin and toasted to a crisp.

Best newcomer- Alibaba Shawarma.

Must try- the Shawarma wrap.

The surprise last minute addition was the Bon Crepe stall. I’ve always preferred my crepes on the sweet side, which it had, but tasting the savory crepe of Cheese, Tomato and Garlic blew me away. Unfortunately, you have to wait for another session of DGC to have more, Annie Garcia of the Spirale and Pastanni fame doesn’t serve it in any of her food outlets.

DGC's most surprising addition(& a good one, too), Annie Garcia's Bon Crepes. I was the 1st customer, even before the the event officially opened

Instant love- the Tomato-Cheese-Garlic combo in a crepe

Speaking of seasonal servings. You may have your fill of the Bacon Sate and the other mouth-watering dishes, but were you able to try The Crazy Cook’s Tamarind Juice? You just have to let the ice cubes melt to dilute the sweetness of the preparation and voila! enjoy the refreshing drink. Staying true to “natural”, the juice is made from fresh sampaloc and sweetened with honey and brown sugar combo.

Chefs on parade. Vikings' Ton Abad. Waterfront's Victor Barangan & The Crazy Cook Carmina Ddel Rosario (must-try, her Tamarind Juice)

The sweet tooth was not denied. Newcomer Carmela’s was selling its boxes of ensaymadas “like hotcakes”, Osvaldo’s Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Cake did wonders in terms of profits and if you had your share of JR’s Financiers, then you’re lucky. 

Cold brew went well with JR's Financiers, both offerings new on his menu.

If I’m back to eating meat again then I would want to have another taste of Cellar be Boca’s Angus Beef Sisig and the Paella version. My taste buds’ memory bank can still remember the rich flavors it extended. I don’t think it will be happening any time soon.

She makes sure sh'es personally part of all events, AVP for SM Mindanao Operations, Debbie Go

Barbecued fare, pizzas, and juicy liempos, Ilocano, Spanish and Thai cuisine, it all filled the tables, which was obviously in short supply (take not SM), and enjoyed by everyone who went.

All fired up. Classico's pizza were selling like hot cakes.

Maybe it’s a festival season, maybe it doesn’t happen often, maybe it’s the music beside it, or maybe it’s the good food, or maybe the whole thing was curated better this time, but whatever reason the people had, they who braved the weekend traffic and endured the hot, humid weather, the Fountain Court of the mall was such a happy place to be at. It was like the family picnic ground of the moment.

Soriano cousins tickled with El Gato's bbq-ed ribs

Mother & daughter foodies, Vanessa & Isoblle Ong

These boys were waiting to be fed

Festivity, food & friends

El Gato's Princess Marfori, the Soriano's & Annie Garcia of Bon Crepes

Fun times minus the one drinkS with fellow traveler Nikki Honasan

If everyone was happy (it was on every kid’s face present), then The Royal Bitch was happy as well. So happy that apples were served at this edition of the food fare. I’m hoping it will be this more fun on the next—and do surprise me.

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