Rocky’s celebrates its partners

IT CAME as a surprise to this group and their expressions were priceless. The smiles brightened up the vicinity on that rainy Sunday morning.

From the time Rocky’s Barbershop opened its doors in Victoria Plaza in 1996, the first barbershop in a mall, up to the fifth branch it opened in SM Lanang Premier, the number of barbers have grown. However, there are a few who have stayed longer than others and somehow, considered the company their “extended family.”

Jun Acub with wife & daughter

Noel Mamacos with family & Tom G.

Five of the barbers have stayed the longest with Rocky’s- Jun Acub and Noel Mamacos are pioneering barbers in Rocky’s Victoria Plaza Mall, Ruel Danas joined Rocky’s in 1997, Ronnie Perdido in 1998, and Al Sarellana, Jr. was welcomed to the team in 2003. These men were featured in “My Father, the barber” father’s day story in Davao’s leading newspapers.

Noel Mamacos, Ronnie Perdido, Ruel Danas, Jun Acub & Al Sarellana, Jr.

From the pages of the local dailies, their faces can be seen once again on tarpaulin streamers posted around SM Lanang Premier as “your reliable barbers” at Rocky’s barbershops across the city, which was presented to them, their families, and the other Rocky's barbers when they were all invited for a Sunday breakfast by the founder of the barbershop.

Jun Acub, 19 years Rocky's barber.

Noel Mamacos, 19 years Rocky's barber

Ronnie Perdido, 17 years Rocky's barber

Ruel Danas, 18 years Rocky's streamer

Al Sarellana, Jr., 12 years Rocky's streamer

“The barbers were giddy all day and the smiles never left their faces the whole time we were together,” said the founder Tom Gempesaw, and added, “This is our way of showing them they are family and partners, not just employees, in this company. To many Dabawenyos, from dads to kids, they are their trusted ‘suking barbero’ and they can rely on them anytime not only for a good haircut and a great chat as well.”

Ronnie Perdido & his family with Tom G.

Ruel Danas & family

Al Sarellana & his family

If you happen to pass by the outdoor parking areas of the SM Lanang Premier, you might chance upon the smiling faces of your favorite barber on the streamers. See how long they worked as barbers at Rocky’s and it might just bring back memories on the first day you had this guy snip your hair. Remember the year? How about that as your next conversation with your ‘suking barbero’ at Rocky’s Barbershop?