The Apples & Lemons Awards 2015

THE proverbial “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is the 2015 Apples and Lemons Awards topic.

In the past years, the awards were handed to individuals (person or an establishment), but this year, rising from the landscape to be noticed are duos of the most interesting subjects. They have stirred and stirring the arena they revolve in and painting pictures that are pretty enough to be admired while there are others who are doing the opposite.

Here are the Apples and Lemons Awardees for 2015.

Apples Awardees

Joji & Nikki Bian. Best paragons of business and style. 

It’s genetic.

The mother and daughter tandem is the epitome of success and style. What the mother started and built, the daughter is taking over and expanding.

Joji & Nikki by night

The JIB Career Center that started it all has grown to encompass a pool of educational institutions specializing business and tourism, culinary, hotel and tourism management and soon, an international and management schools. While Nikki is overseeing the company, Joji is present to guide her.

Nikii & Joji by day

While both ladies are geared towards corporate dressing (because business takes most of their time), personal style is noticeable, each having preferences to their own color and accessories. But whatever the occasion may be, you always see these Bian ladies dressed with propriety.

5 apples in stylish shades of red- Cherry, Ruby, Crimson, Scarlet & Vermilion.

Rody & Sara Duterte. Best show of family support.

It was a no go for Rody Duterte because the kids were against the idea of him running for the presidency- initially. But somewhere down the line, the daughter shaved her head to give his dad the go signal. The trend caught on and from there, the ball gathered (and is still gathering) moss.

Daughter shaves head as final move to convince the father to run for presidency (photo source- Rocky's Barbershop)

Admittedly, Sara said the Davao City Mayor has no adequate funds to campaign. But from across the nation there was a sudden outpouring of support, at least raised hands as voters for the man.

It was "I am not running for presidency" when this shot was taken. Today, he's topping the surveys for presidentiables

If you believe in the man, vote for him. If not, don’t. It’s that simple. No need to insult the other candidate and his supporters just to make your choice look better (and do you feel better about yourself doing so?). Let the achievements and leadership capabilities speak for the candidates.

I vote 5 apples for you two. 

Jazz & Dance at Huckleberry. Best hangout.

Primarily because it’s a place people of ALL ages can be comfortable in. It’s the watering hole for the yuppies and former yuppies with the younger set can also have their fill of booze (before they head off to rave at Brewery, their hotspot).

Live blues & jazz music to DJs dishing out dance tunes. Best place to hangout (no age discrimination) hosted the best Halloween Party in 2015

At the Southern-themed restobar, there’s a good selection of alcoholic beverages, a tasty offering of bar chow and good music. Unlike other bars, this place is not exclusive to chill and dance tunes and hosting DJs to pump up a weekend. They invite live musicians to play cool jazz and blues. If there’s a Best Halloween Party category, this place will take the gold. It was the only spot where almost all the guests came in costumes.

A 5 Apple Rum variety is in order.

Two sisters unite to salute mom at Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine. Best new restaurant. 

Welcome home- a modern one- is always the feeling one gets when entering and biting into any of the specialties on the menu.

Sisters & partners, Tisha Sebastian & Pauline Benedicto, built Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine to honor their mother

Two sisters, Tisha Sebastian and Pauline benedicto dedicated the business to their mother saying, “We want to share to Davao the food we grew up with.”

Voila! Mother’s recipes fill up the menu (yes, they are indeed delicious), but the kids put a contemporary twist to it. Rekado is a good and well-received move for the ladies.

Enjoy your 5 apples. 

The Lemons Awardees

Old timers with the Worst PR practice.

Sending invitations via text message is unprofessional no matter how chummy you are with the invitee. Worse is asking to RSVP to a save the date text message. Worst is that the message ends with “formal invitation to follow.”

So, what good is the actual invite for if you responded to the text message? When did this become acceptable? What galaxy do you live in? Just when I thought that this department store manager (DM) was unique in her PR ways, here comes another old-timer in the hospitality business (OT) doing the same.

DM did send a formal invite. OT’s “formal invite to follow” via email did happen and it was a Save the Date card.

Congratulations DM, suck on 5 lemons. OT you exceeded the perfect 5 lemons mark by 2. How acidic can your PR practice be? 

Ang litrato ni lola. As if…. 

Heard years ago in a big Davao affair: ”Etong si Salvador namimili ng kinukunan ng litrato.” … As if… I’m making a yearbook. Heard this year: 

“'Wag mo na akong piktyuran, hindi naman ako lalabas sa dyaryo mo.” … As if… wala, ‘as if’ lang. Talagang ‘as if’ lang. 

Piktyuran ng may hawak na 5 lemons, like? Pwedeng dagdagan, like?


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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on December 20, 2015.