The party of the year (for the Sun.Star family)

WHO doesn’t love a party? Who doesn’t look forward to a Christmas party? Most of all, who doesn’t love and look forward to a family Christmas party?

Will drop everything to attend this one.

It was a blur….this picture. LOL. The night cannot end without a grand selfie. Spot the SunStar Davao president, past presdient & the Editor-in-Chief

I will drop everything for the Sun.Star Christmas gathering. In fact, it got me so excited that I ended up on the wrong side of the building. Imagine you’re all by yourself in a fluorescent bulb-lit elevator (you know how white light is very unfriendly to skin tone and casts a dim glow) and the door opens to a pitch-black hall. The darkness is like that of a scene in a Shake, Rattle & Roll flick and I am the lead star of the 2015 Christmas edition. Scary is an understatement.

On moments like that, why does the elevator door close like a snail pacing the museum? Why do escape scenes move in slow motion?

This is the right lift. 

The Sun.Star Davao Christmas party is in Building A of the hotel. I never knew there were towers in the hotel, but the second scene was merrier. The more modern lift clad in funky green swirls opened up to a hall with a table filled with gifts. This was more attuned with the season.

Opening the party, an upbeat dance number that can rival any opening act in the international music scene

None can do a better job on hosting than these two- Rhona & Bong (except me & Joji LOL)

"Talaga? Hahahaha…."
(Rhona's reaction to my comment as to who does a better hosting job in SunStar.)

Sun.Star delivers news with a punch, and it has consistently won awards for doing so. But what people don’t really see the other side of the news-making team, which only comes out in December (except for the HR who doesn’t take a break and oversees the parlor games like a dictator, or a DTI rep, as I call it, who makes sure the rules are followed before an entry is declared a winner or disqualified).

Games children play 1- Back to back Balloon Race. Surprisingly, no balloons were hurt in this game.

Games children play 2- Pasahan ng Bola. This one ball men can pass to another.

Games children play 3- Let's Wear Something Game (like ate's underwear). Karate Kid wears the superhero gear right this time. Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Lantern will be proud.

Pabebe si kuya, suplada si Rudolf.

"Oo, eto ang right cup size for me. May reklamo?"

Cheering Nelson on to the finish line!

Games children Play 4- Dancing Face. RA got to eat his cookie on the 6th try.

Stripped off of the office gear, everyone from the editorial, HR, accounting, production and circulation are like kids at play, with Sun.Star Davao President Gina Atienza and past president Orlando Carvajal present to witness it all (that’s a yearly thing). Who doesn’t like kid’s team games? Who doesn’t like winning even if the prizes are ‘candies’? Who doesn’t want to be named the champions?

Witnessing the men & women turn into kids. SunStar Past President Orlando Carvajal, present President Gina Atienza & General Manager Tessie Pana

Who doesn’t enjoy gifts, giving it and getting one in return? Who doesn’t want to be recognized for one’s efforts and gets rewarded for it?

The longest staying people in the SunStar office (they do have a home)- 20 years for EIC Stella & layout artist Inday

Yipee. I got a Christmas present from SunStar

The most dash(-ing throught the snow) pair of the evening

More than anything, it’s the spirit of oneness that is celebrated, and Christmas is a very good reason to embrace the family. There is always this side of Sun.Star that strikes the balance between serious and fun loving. It’s probably what wins the awards for the newspaper.

 First selfie of the night with columnist Ging Valle, Editor in Chief Stella Estremera, President Gina Atienza, columnist Imee Garcia

 With the Editorial team in white. Good thing I came in white. Parang part of the family din daw ako.

From the four quotes of Christmas that were printed on the evening’s program, my favorite was that of Bob Hope’s. “My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?”

Merry Christmas SunStar Davao! So Snow Queen-ish beside Royal Mandaya Hotel's all white tree.

Merry Christmas to my Sun.Star family! Thank you for embracing me as one of your own.


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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on December 06, 2015.