Aishiteru = my Yukata + 2016 MYOH Commemorative Havaianas

Makes a nice pairing, don't you think? My Yukata with Havaianas 2016 Limited Edition Commemorative pair

Confession: I have too many Havaianas flip-flops. One I use daily and alternate with two more on the shoe rack, and a few more in storage. Most of it though were gifts from Marga Nograles of MarTish, the distributor of the stylish Brazilian export in this side of the country.

Marga Nograles of MarTish with hubby, Karlo.

However, when the image of the 2016 commemorative design popped up on my screen, I knew I had to have THIS pair. I didn't even bother reading the material that came with it. I know the design is Japanese, and since I ❤ JAPAN and everything about the country, I won't mind having another pair of flip-flops on the rack.

This year's Make Your Own Havaianas 2016 is going Japanese.


Maybe it's a flashback for the brand and honoring its roots. You may not know it but the "fashionable" beachwear we slip our feet on was inspired by the Zori--flat, thonged Japanese sandals made of fabric straps and rice straw soles. 

The traditional woven-soled Japanese zori had been used as beach wear in the South Pacific since the 1920s. - This was part of my story, Aloha Zori!, after the Hawaiian-themed Obrigada 2012 event. 

I'm excited for this year's look, which is inspired by shibori, the Japanese fabric-dyeing technique. The limited edition commemorative pair is available in top and slim soles. 

Indigo. This year's design is inspired by the Japanese traditional dyeing technique of shibori.

You might want to up the Japanese look with a selection of kawaii pins - zori, empress, ramen and more! 

What will you pin on your pair?

I chose the Sumo and the Empress to adorn each of the red straps of my "Japanese" flip-flops. 

And since I wasn't able to buy a pair of "hanao", a "zori" or even a "Waraji tatami sandals" to go with my Yukata, I guess this Havaianas will do. It does add a dash of hip, modern flair to a traditional Japanese look, if you ask me.

Hai, I am happy. Domo arigato.

To make your own Havaianas in Davao, check out MYOH at the 2nd level of SM Lanang Premier (beside Starbucks) from April 22 to May 1. 

Domo arigato.

For every purchase of the Havaianas Commemorative Shibori sole at MYOH, customers are given a “Make Your Own Frappucino” voucher which will allow them to two (2) free add-ons of their choice on their drink. OR For every purchase of any of the Starbucks 2016 Summer drinks, customers will be given a voucher which will entitle them to a FREE Limited Edition pin as they customize their pair during MYOH.

Ina del Rosario shows off her new Havaianas commemorative pair.

Carine Bacani with her new pair.