March 2016 musing: How to earn apples or lemons


1. Mount a Fashion Weekend.

It’s the very first of its kind in Davao. After a long absence on the ramp, the creations of the Davao designers were paraded before an excited public.

Showcasing their forecasts on Day 2 of the three-day fashion event at the Abreeza Mall were eight established designers joined by 18 of the city’s rising talents.

This project, if executed as planned, will be mounted on a regular basis. This will be the platform of the Davao designers to showcase the current trend as well as their creativity. This will also lure potential clients into these designers’ ateliers.

Showing their support to the participants were fellow Davao designers and fashionistas. Congratulations!

Designers and producers, take an apple each.

Davao's new generation of fashion designers. 18 were presented at the Fashion Weekend

Davao's established designers- Windell Miram Egay ayag, Emi Englis, Benjie Panizales, Dodjie Batu, Bamba Limon, Edgar Buyan & Aztec Barba

Mega Magazine's Suki Salvador, Davao designer Xioti Chiu, Rene Florencio, designer Albert Andrada, Preview Magazine's Loris Pena & Style Bible's Zoe Laurente

Dubai-based Dabawenyo designer Ronan Opina & Rosanna Dion-Loseo

Chuchay Sison, Carine Bacani, Annie Cacho-Garcia & Isay Moranilla

Davao designers Bobby Castillo & Rodel Macatangay

Debbie Hao, Betty Benignos & Mary Anne Soledad

Debbie Cruz, Rose Alcantara & Maridol Gonzales

2. Leave it to the top guy to talk sans a script and it can turn into a PR nightmare.

When presenting to the media, it’s best to be armed with complete data, be direct and choose your words because everything said can be quoted. Take for example this….

Media: How much is your investment on this luxurious development?

Top guy: I cannot reveal that because the competitors might get ideas. I will say, A LOT.

M: How many of the local buyers?

TG: I cannot reveal that because the competitors might get ideas. Let’s just say I’m pleasantly surprised.”

Presenting property.

TG: Pagsinulat ninyo sa dyaryo, ‘wag bullet points ang style nyo ha. (We’re obligated? Sorry, but I’m writing this in bullet points style)
Over lunch.

TG: Food will be Filipino. Based on our survey, the balikbayans want the really good Filipino food, not ‘kaning baboy’.”

And these were just the few of many from TG, who trumpets the development as “luxurious.” I certainly hope it gets to that.

(Ate Guy tone) My lemon is not a pig! Hindi baboy ang lemon ko! Etong lima para sa ‘yo!

3.Extend an invitation with a “bribe”.

Send an invite. Period. If the event is interesting and worthwhile, chances are attendance will be positive and a good story may arise. It’s as simple as that.

Spare me from the “let us know if you’re attending because we will prepare (pesos) gift certificates” like I can’t afford the product, or worse, “if attending, we will give you a t-shirt” like I should be proud to be your walking ad.

Your propriety and PR skills are very low, but the highest on the lemons award scale. You get 5.

P.S. Tokens, if there are any, is a way of showing the host’s gratitude for showing up and handed at the end of the affair. It is NEVER mentioned when extending an invitation. Period.

4. Say hello the way you think is right.

This new girl in the block doesn’t waste time. Her first email is a single line of personal introduction— name and designation, and with a longer request to accommodate a PR. She’s excited to work.

You could have held off the PR for a day or at the very least, emailed the PR separately.

Hello, I’m the Royal Bitch and I award apples for good deeds and lemons for bad. Here’s a lemon for you. Welcome to the hospitality industry.

Rating scale: 5 is highest.


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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on April 02, 2016.