Instax and Crafts, turning memories into art

PHOTOGRAPHS can capture moments and will freeze it for a lifetime. It’s a treasure we can revisit time and again by flipping the pages of the photo albums, scan through the box like we do in a card catalogue in library, or frame it, pin it on corkboards or post it on the refrigerator door where it can constantly be seen.

INSTAmaXed ! Maxing out Instax. Fell in love with the portable Instax Printers & printed out some of my favorite travel photos to pin on my vision board

To the more creative souls, photos can be turned into works of art. This was what the recent gathering of Fujifilm shared to all its guests—to tap into the inner artists in each of us and turn our own photos into artworks, and find fun in the whole creative process.

“Instax and Crafts” offered special workshops from two Davaoeña artists—Photography Tips and Tricks by Jojie Alcantara and creating Instax Pop-up Banners by artisan April San Pedro.

Fun with Instax & Crafts. Fujifilm's Takuya Maeda & Nelson Perez flanking event guests, photgrapher Joji Alcatara & artisan April San Pedro

The Fujifilm hosted event was an activity open to all Instax fanatics, soon to be Instax addicts and artists and wannabe artists who are willing to add a few more techniques into their storage banks of creativity.

After Jojie shared her tips the Instax cameras were passed around for guests to try.

Double exposure, a feature of Fuji Instax camera

For the rest of the participants who have their photos saved in their mobile phones, they were able to print those via the portable Instax Share printers as well.

It's the Instax camera output or this. Printing photos of shots saved in my mobile phone via the portable Instax printers.

It was April’s turn to share her expertise on how these photographs can be displayed with a more personal touch to its presentation. Each guest was provided with the materials needed to make their own photo banners.

 Men can do DIY crafting, too, & Fujifilm head honcho for electronic & photo imaging is surprised to the number of men present in the event

“There is a certain kind of joy at looking at one’s photos—more so, if it’s something you can hold on to like a printed photograph. We realized that millennials not only enjoy seeing their favorite memories on Instax prints, they also enjoy displaying them and sharing them with friends and loved ones. Through ‘Instax and Crafts’, we hope that they can see that there are many ways on how they can display and preserve these memories,” shares Fujifilm division head for electronic and photo imaging Takuya Maeda.

What Instax & Crafts is all about- a DIY way of displaying photographs.

The best banner, as judged by April, won an Instax Mini 7s Summer Package. A couple more Instax Summer Packages were raffled away.

My DIY banner with my travel photos. Your (kind) comments? :)

This DIY crafting event put a little more color and fun to the Davao summer. And with Fujifilm’s 80-year history and expertise in photographic film manufacturing, making great memories, printing those Instax moments and then transforming them into works of art becomes even more pleasurable.