How a fashion blogger styles her men

WHEN Spanish brand Mango opened its third megastore in the country—the first in the Visayas-Mindanao with an 817.45-sqm space for womenswear, menswear and children’s line—in Abreeza Mall, it flew in young fashion blogger Tricia Gosingtian to share her personal “sophisti-cute” styling tips to the store’s guests.

Tricia of 'Tricia Will Go Places' was MANGO's guest of speaker on the opening of its new meagastore in Abreeza Mall

Tricia, who’s a graphic design school graduate, web design savvy and into the sophisticated look of Japanese fashion, has a blog called Tricia Will Go Places, which she started in 2009. She also authored “150 Style Essentials for Every Girl” published in 2013, and to date, her social media accounts have an enormous number of followers.

Mango fashion, she said, reflects her style. The store carries the pieces to achieve the looks she need day in and out, and she presented how to style it.

Fashion tips & styling from a blogger & author of fashion

From the lot, the essential articles, she believes, every woman should have would be a white top, which can be dressed up or down and easily paired with anything; a good pair of denim with the right fit and length to look slim; and a pair of pointy flats in nude tone to elongate the legs.

How about men, who has she styled so far?

“Only my dad and my fiancé,” she confessed.

Lucky guy. Fashion bogger Tricia Gosingtian is default stylist to Dabawenyo fiance RG Gabunada

How would you style them?

“I will ask myself ‘if I were a man, what would I wear?’ I would put myself in their shoes and since I am partial to Asian fashion, it would be very K-Pop-ish, but that depends on the age,” and added, “But I do lean towards the everyday practical fashion, and this is what I suggest the men in my life should wear.”

By practical, she meant button down, long-sleeved shirts in light blue, because the tone is flattering to any skin tone; a good pair of dark jeans, because it’s flattering and slimming, and the right length will do away with the short and frumpy look; and a good pair of sneakers, which men can wear with shorts or pants.

Find Tricia's mens fashion staples of blue shirts, dark blue denims & slacks & white sneakers at MANGO Man

How does Dabawenyo fiancé feel about being styled?

“It’s her way of showing her affection and I’m happy. I am learning from her,” RG confessed, who admits he wasn’t as style conscious as he was before.

“She would say everything politely, like ‘it would be better if you try this’.”

“Tricia is a big help. You should have seen me five years back. Through the years, she has been helping me build my wardrobe,” said the marketing guy who does brand work for a consumer brand.

In terms of how the new consciousness to fashion helped him, RG said, “I look more respectable and confident at work. When I meet people and look presentable, it changes a lot of things versus meeting them in a very drab outfit.”

The men’s staple pieces she mentioned, do you wear those?

“If you see me go to work it’s usually a white top, blue pair of slacks, brown or nude pair of leather shoes,” the man said, a big change from his usual preference of “uniform look” of polo barong and slacks.

“I have more variety in my closet today and, which in a way is more sophisticated.”

White top, one of Tricia's essential pieces for men & women. RG has been using tis more often.

When the young lady was asked how would style the incoming Philippine president, she replied with, “I could suggest the men’s essential pieces I mentioned earlier, but his signature look works for him.”

Check out the newly opened MANGO Megastore at the Abreeza Mall for great fashion finds for men and women.