The Scarevengers

If there is a team to save the world, there is one that scares it, the world of the Davao media at least.

Meet the Scarevengers EJK – Amy “Angel” Cabusao and Jesse “Peter Pan” Boga of Mindanao Times, Ian “Black Angel” Garcia of M Magazine and Prix “Black Fairy” Banzon of PIA. Their task is to scare their fellow media friends into answering mind-bending EJK (Extremely Jarring Kwestions) in the fields of politics, language, science and medicine—and not after completing a task.


Amy Cabusao as Angelita

Mindanao TImes’ Amy Cabusao as Angelita


Jesse Boga is Peter Pan

Mindanao Time’s Jesse Boga is Peter Pan


Apple Legario as Wonder Woman

SM City’s Apple Legario as Wonder Woman


It’s the annual Halloween gathering o f the Davao media at SM City Davao, the host venue for as long as I can remember, and this year we gathered once more at the annex of the mall. Some came dutifully in costumes and some came as they were.


2016 halloween gathering fo the Davao media

Davao media family in this year’s Halloween gathering


I was almost one of those “come as your are” attendees. But after organizing member, Ian G., send a photo of him and Amy wearing feathered wings, I knew I had to rummage through the closet and come with something—quick!

The yukata was last year’s attire and I cannot turn Japanese again. Luckily, I found an unworn gift from a good friend who visited India. Voila! It’s the “bombay” look for me.


Indian look for me in the 2016 media halloween gathering

“Arawan” man is also “5-6” man

Perhaps, the look was inspiring to the team I was with, one of the five teams formed, that everyone in my team agreed to call it Team 5-6. Go figure. But if you want another clue, the other name could have been Team Arawan.

We were ready to fight! Me, the Indian, RA “Minion” Colina, Kristianne “Alice” Fusilero, Marilyn “Fairy Grandmother” Roque, Judy “Bunny” Quiros and Armando “Captain America” Fenequito Jr.

Marilyn Roque as Fairy Grandmother

The Fairy Grandmother. Mindanao TImes’ Marilyn Roque


Alice in Wonderland for Kristianne Fusilero & Judy Quiros

In Wonderland with Kristianne Fusilero of MIndanao Times & Judy Quiros of MIndanao Daily Mirror

The tasks to be performed before answering the question were: thirsty- pour water in a cup and drink contents; pyramid: stack paper cups in a pyramid and back; “paburot”- blow a balloon: and, “pabuto”-pop the balloon. The first to finish pats the host and a correct answer will earn the team a point.


Maine dela Cruz & Maya Padillo are playing devils

Horned twins. Maine dela Cruz of Edge Davao & Maya Padillo of Mindanao Daily Mirror


But “kalabit” turned to “molestation” on the host’s part as his shirt was stretched to its limits when the contestants were fighting for his attention claiming to be the first to finish the task. Poor Peter Pan, he was pleading in an exasperated tone to be gentle. His pleadings fell on deaf ear. But the show must go on.


Joselle Badilla as Minnie Mouse

PDI’s Joselle Badilla as Minnie Mouse


Question after question, round after round, from second place Team 5-6 rallied to first place and kept the standing until the end. Needless to say, we emerged as the 2016 Scarevengers champion and took home the grand prize.


The 2016 media halloween champions

2016 Scarevengers champion- Team 5-6. Kristianne Fusilero (Mindanao TImes), Judy QUiros (Mindanao Daily Mirror), RA Colina (Mindanews), Armando Fenequito Jr. (Brigada FM), with game master Jesse Boga & SM City’s Apple Legario & Acey Puno


Hooray for Team 5-6 and the organizers. Thank you for the fun gathering and see you on the next All Hallow’s Eve!

CQ Francisco is Ghostface

Who is Ghostface?


Who is the black angel?

Can you identify the black-winged angel.


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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.