April 2017 musings: summer in the city & beyond

Summer heat is upon us, but luckily we have the occasional rains to cool the nights. The flash flooding though is another story.

Across town, everybody is in the season’s “laag” mood with the beach, the mountains and the malls as the most popular destinations. These three spots are even made more alluring by Visit Davao Fun Sale (VDFS).


April 2017 in Davao

The Tibolo Cultural VIllage at the foothills of Mt. Apo in Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur is a great summer destination. TOur packages are offered by VDFS


With the entire Davao region participating in making this part of the country a very happening destination, we, most of all, should be the first to experience and explore the lowlands and the highlands. VDFS can tour you around the region.

The shorelines of Samal Island and Dahican in Mati are water hotspots (wear sunscreen. Watsons has a wide range of sunscreens to choose from).


April 2017 in Davao

Wear sunscreen. Watsons has a wide selection of sun protectors.


Eden and Marilog districts are cool escapes, so are the malls with art shows to match. Abreeza and SM Lanang malls play host to the Davao artists’ obras.


April 2017 in Davao

Art closer to everyone. Tabula Rasa& VDFS takes Davao art to the malls


Davao artists invade the malls


Have you visited Chocolate Museum of the Malagos Garden Resort? You should.


April 2017 in Davao

Have you been to the Chocolate Museum?


It’s a place for people of all ages. After you create your own chocolates, have a couple of scoops of their ice cream at the resto. The Avocado and Tablea ice creams are to die for.


April 2017 in Davao

Make your own chocolates at the Chocolate Museum, something exciting for every chocolate lover no matter the age


It’s the perfect time for the Lego Specialty Store to open (Abreeza Mall). The exciting building blocks will keep the creative minds and hands of the youngsters busy and keep them detached from the electronic gadgets they have become attached to.


April 2017 in Davao

The Lego Specialty Store is now open at the Abreea Mall


April 2017 in Davao

Commemorative piece of the Lego Specialty Store in Davao


The hotels are busy as well. Marco Polo Davao recently held the Dance, Drink, Dip pool party to remind the locals that its “cooling station” is an alternative place to beat the heat without straying far from the city center. A staycation is a wise idea.


April 2017 in Davao

City cooling station: the Marco Polo pool.


April 2017 in Davao

Step, yes! Drink, Dance & Dip was a cool poolside parrty at Marco Polo Davao


Seda jumpstarted the Mother’s Day craze and Chef Bang created another winning dessert to lure in the families at Misto in May. The Dark Chocolate Cheesecake uses Malagos tablea and Chevre cheese as ingredients and the sweetness level is perfect!


April 2017 in Davao

A peek at what’s to come on Mother’s Day at Misto, Seda Abreeza


April 2017 in Davao

Chef Bang’s new sweet creation for Mother’s Day- Chocolate Cheesecake


Pastanni is now open at SM Lanang Premier. It carries the same Italian street food vibe but in a bigger, enclosed space. The new menu offers great selections from appetizers to dessert. Try the focaccia pizzas, the Pnoy Puttanesca Pasta and the fresh fruit shakes.


April 2017 in Davao

Pastanni is now open at SM Lanang Premier


April 2017 in Davao

Expect new & delicious items on Pastanni’s menu when you visit its new branch


Of Apples & Lemons.

Wretched PR tales: the invitation

Episode 1. PR1 from hired agency of annual summer event asks for RSVP to an invitation I haven’t received. Rather than correct a situation after being told that all invites are sent to my home address because I don’t hold office at SunStar, she had to insist that it was the address given to her (and make it appear that I must have received it?). It took a while before she finally asked where to send a new invite. 4/5 lemons.

A good PR person could have rectified the situation right away on the first response. Better yet, started the whole conversation saying, “We hope you have received the invite we sent to the SunStar office and would like to know if you can make it.”

Episode 2. PR 2 from the upscale mall sends an invite on the same day and few hours before the event. Unbelievable! I didn’t even dare reply. 5/5 lemons.

Summer feels.

Bringing the outside in is perfect for interior design and this upscale mall takes it to another level—it brings the summer heat inside the establishment. It can get suffocating at the middle of the day.

Apparently, the heat at the mall’s rear section has been a problem for quite some time now. The management should attend to this matter soonest as the tenants stand more to lose, those who are still open anyway. (3/5 lemons).

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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.