My Easter eggs are in Davao’s best desserts

The hunt for Easter eggs is on. In different venues across the city, kids (actually the yayas) are on a mad rush to hunt and fill baskets with as much eggs as they can.

After all, each egg equates to a prize and the more prizes mean happier kid. No yaya wants their alaga to have less than the other kids for fear that the meek mogwai can very well turn into a gremlin. I can clearly recall how one yaya was able to score snake eggs for her ward. That’s what love and dedication can do.

My search for eggs goes beyond Easter (and I can feel the grinning on your end). In fact, all the eggs are purposely broken. Cracked, whipped and baked by pastry chefs into fabulous cakes.

I can throw tantrums as well, especially when there’s no good dessert on the menu of restaurants foodies are raving about. The sugary meal-ender is always the deciding factor if the place is worth another visit.

Along the Davao food trail, the palate gets tickled with new and classic desserts, sweet things worthy to land on the Royal Bitch’s list of Davao’s best desserts. Yes, most of it use eggs on the recipe while some of them don’t. Eggs or no eggs, the dessert goddesses truly love the sweet-toothed mortals with their blessings of heavenly confections.


Ube Cake at Tiny Kitchen


Tiny Kitchen's Ube Cake

Ube Cake at Tiny Kitchen


The cake was awarded in the 2016 Apples & Lemons wards as best cake. It’s worth mentioning again. The light and fluffy confection makes a good match for the fiesta quality and quantity spread this summer.


Pavlova at Bondi & Bourke


Bondi & Bourke's Pavlova

Pavlova at Bondi & Bourke


This came as a delicious surprise from the new restaurant’s list. The desserts are good but I found it too sweet for my taste. The Pavlova topped with fresh fruits though is totally different from the rest in terms of sweetness level. It’s lightly sweetened ergo dangerous because of the high amount of the airy dessert you can possibly consume.


Sans Rival at Happy Home


Sans Rival by Happy Home

Happy Home’s Sans Rival is butter heaven that melts in your mouth


If you are a Happy Home or Leandro’s Catering regular then you know of this dessert. The Happy Home Sans Rival is a Hall of Famer and must be included every time a best dessert list comes up.

The crunchy, bite-sized bars, made of layers of merengue and uses premium butter and fresh eggs, has to be eaten straight from the freezer/chiller as it can turn soggy quickly. “That’s the sign we use premium butter,” said the chef.


Since this is a dessert list, let me include the no-egg dessert recipes.


Avocado Ice Cream and Tablea Ice Cream at Malagos Garden Resort


Malagos Garden Resort Avocado Ice Cream

Avocado Ice Cream at Malagos Garden Resort


Luckily, it’s always sunny in this city so these “perfect summer treats” can be enjoyed beyond the hot season.

The resort’s ice cream collection is made from scratch using the freshest ingredients from their own farm—vanilla, fresh seasonal fruits, milk or heavy cream. The first recipe used eggs but was taken out of the recipe.

Whole avocado bits are on one and the shaved tablea tops the other. Heaven!

It’s very creamy, highly flavorful and I will dare liken it to Movenpick Ice Cream. That’s how good it is.


Crunchy Chocolate Fingers at Misto, Seda Abreeza



Crunchy Chocolate Fingers at Misto, Seda Abreeza


The all-chocolate layered dessert uses dark chocolate mousse on an Almond Roca bed giving each bite a mixture of texture.

Unfortunately, you have to wait for a food promotion to be able to enjoy this house special.


Add these to the rest on my list: Banana Mackintosh at Basti’s Brew, Mango Charlotte at Peter Pan, Crème Brulee Cake and Luscious Mud Pie at Lachi’s, Chocolate Fudge of the Sarenas’.

Happy Easter!

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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.