Pastry review: Ensaymada x Casa Ensaimada

So a box of Casa Ensaimada was delivered to my place. I rejoiced!


Ensaymada in Davao

Rejoice! One box of ensyamada was delivered at home.


Why? Because I recall the first time I had a taste of this ensaymada was love at first bite.

I remember quite vividly how the this pasty’s bread bore the bakery-of-the-past recipe, that crumbly consistency. It brought back fond memories of Kinoguitan in Misamis Oriental, where the Iluste cousins vacation in summer, and during merienda time, troop to the bakery for freshly baked pilipit and ensaymada.


Ensaymada in Davao

Ensaymada x Casa Ensaimada


Did Casa Ensaymada change its recipe or did I taste another brand because this batch is different?

No matter. The Casa Ensaimada ensaymadas are delicious. It bears that unqiue flavor that distinguishes it from its local counterparts, which I also adore  (as long as it’s not too sweet).

Casa Ensaimada’s bread is soft and fluffy with a light buttery taste that perfectly balances the rich flavors of the toppings.


Ensaymada in Davao

The bread is fluffy with a light taste of butter


Now, the topping for the win.

This pastry’s topping consists of a layer of butter cream with a sprinkling of granulated sugar, which gives the mixture the right level of sweetness while offering an extra level of texture.

Then a generous serving of finely grated queso de bola (edam chesse) is added as the final layer. The sharp flavor of the edam cheese (salty and nutty) provides a contrast to the sweetness of the butter cream.


Ensaymada in Davao

Topping is a mixture of butter cream with a sprinkling of granulated sugar, and a generous amount of finely-grated queso de bola


You can enjoy the esaymada at room temperature or if you want the butter cream oozing into the crevices of the soft bread, then by all means heat it in an oven toaster or zap it for a few secs in a microwave.


Ensaymada in Davao

Heating the ensaymade will allow the butter cream to melt & ooze into the soft bread


This recipe of Casa Ensaimada is quite a toothsome. After a bite, you will stop wondering why a box of twelve doesn’t last too long on the shelf.


Ensaymada in Davao

Just in case a box of 12 last more than a day at your place, heating instructions are included in the package.




To order, contact:

Casa Ensaimada
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