Davao Watercolor Society: Painting on banana paper

Artists work with different mediums — oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, pen and ink, etc, on different supports — canvas, paper, wood, fabric, etc. Each experiments on the various materials until they find the medium that they are most comfortable with. Then, everything will flow.

But there are times when a challenge is brought forth, like using a designated material to work on. Just like what the Davao Watercolor Society did, the group singled out the banana paper for the artists to work on for their group exhibition.


Mamaligyaay2 by Gilbert Miraflor & Kingfisher by Lito Pepito

Watercolor. Saba by Vicente Aviles & The Door by Vanessa Ong

Watercolor. Coffee Plant by April San Pedro & Paper boats by Joyce Mariscal


Banana paper is a tricky, even challenging, and medium to work on, especially for these watercolor artists. The porous material is quick to absorb the water, and blotting can be a problem.

There’s no stopping a good artist from coming up with a masterpiece. The seasoned and budding talents got creative in addressing the challenge. Mixing media is one while others used denser mediums like acrylic and oil. After all, the exhibit didn’t call for strictly watercolor.

It was left to the artists to interpret their imagination on the locally produced paper in their own winning way—and they were successful.


Bagobo musician by Orley Ypon. Oil on banana paper


The number of members participating in the ongoing exhibit at Basti’s Brew Victoria Plaza Mall has doubled from the most recent show. More participants mean more paintings to show. For this reason, two areas of the coffee shop are currently used as exhibition area—the function room, which displays the themed “art on banana paper” artworks, and the main dining area, which exclusively displays watercolor on paper.

The Davao Watercolor Society. The group memebrship has increased since the most recent exhibit


A well-attended opening affair. The function room displays the art on banana paper artworks, and the main dining area holds the watercolor on paper artworks

Check out this unique exhibition of the Davao Watercolor Society at Basti’s Brew, Victoria Plaza Mall. The exhibit will run until the Kadayawan month.

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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.