July 2017 musings: Filipino & Indonesian cuisines in Davao

Oh, that you-gained-weight look from everyone I meet.

“Parang lumaki ka.” It’s the line I have been getting a lot lately, either delivered in a straightforward manner or the trying-to-be-polite way.

I do get it believe me. I have an entire wardrobe to remind me of that everyday.

Why am I slowly transforming into the large version of me? It’s the absence of exercise and the onslaught of good food. The latter, a perfect reason to forget the diet.

The Indonesian Consulate’s 1st Indonesian Manufactured Products Expo was a business-matching event but I was there for the food, the Chicken Satay in particular, which I missed in the consulate’s previous event.

Chicken and peanuts are two of my favorites. Put two in a dish and it’s heaven. I had a good hearty serving at the event, plus a dose of Kopiko 78 and Tehbotol (my go to iced tea drink while in Bali).


I went to the expo particularly for this- the Chicken Satay

Soto Ayam (Chicken noodle soup)

Tehbotol, memories of Bali with this one


If you want authentic Indonesian Cuisine, make sure to go to all the consulate’s events.

The next serving of Chicken Satay is on the Kadayawan Festival.

Now, for a serving of Kapangpangan cuisine you need not fly to Pampanga. Just head to SM City, where Cabalen opened its 31st branch after opening its first in 1986 along West Avenue in Quezon City.

If you’re a regular, you must have your favorites from the 50 varieties of food—from starter to dessert—served at any given time.

Cabalen’s 31st branch at SM City Davao. There are 50 food varieties at any given time with the sisig collection is one of the most popular.


It’s my first Cabalen experience and I singled out one dish—the Ginataang Suso. I finished a couple of bowlfuls.


The Ginataang Suso, I know you want this.


The rest of the offerings were a blur at that time, which gives me a good reason to head back and have another feast.

There is a menu cycle. If it’s the Ginataang Suso you want, do check if it’s served.

Now, there’s Misto at Seda Abreeza’s Kadayawan offering, another array of successful tweaks on familiar dishes by Chef Bang Flores. 

Joining the traditional Seda spread of bestsellers, like the roast Angus beef, and the Davao delicacy, like the grilled tuna, are the chefs delicious modified dishes—the Malagos Kesong Puti and Crispy Adobo Flakes Pizza, Caramelized Patis Chicken Wings, Grilled Adobo Baby Back Ribs, Chevon Bourguignon (Kambing Bourguignon), to name a few, and the desserts are reserved for another story.


If there’s Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip, Seda’s Misto will have the Caramelized Patis Chicken Wings

Chevon Bourguignon (Kambing Bourguignon)

Adobo flakes pizza


I took a bite of everything served (yes, including the meat) because everything I saw excited me, and the flavors didn’t disappoint.

Hit the Misto buffet from August 17-19, 2017.

Next time you see me, don’t ask why I gained weight.

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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.