June 2017 musings: Rush, No rush

Who’s in a rush?

1.  Time.

Half of the year is over.


2.  This invite.

Just when you think no one can top the boutique’s invitation sent three hours before an event, someone comes along to break the record—59 minutes before an affair. ( By the time I read it)


The record-breaking invite. At text message pa yan ha.

Who? It’s from a government agency.
What? It’s for a non-government affair.

Have you experienced eating 5/5 lemons?


3. Adrenaline rush.

This is the good kind of rush not just acquired while riding the waves. How about riding the breeze next?


Adrenaline rush! Aerial tour on board the ultralight plane will make/give/take you high.


Mindanao Saga Flying Club’s aerial tour of the city is one activity one should not miss when visiting Mati.

The 15-minute on board an ultralight plane is an exhilarating experience. Try it and you’d be grinning from take off to landing (and long after).

It’s a 5/5 Apples kind of high.


Who’s not rushing and doing it right?

1.  The Indonesian Consulate

They’re drumbeating the 1st Indonesian Manufactured Products Expo slated on July 22-24 via a series of food preparation and appreciation events at the Consular residence for the media and other guests.

Needless to say, Indonesian food is part of the expo, which for me is the most exciting part because I am in love with their cuisine.


Consul General Berlian Napitupulu announces the 1st Indonesian Manufactured Products Expo slated on July 22-24 to the media.


“The expo, which will held at the Indonesian Convention Center (House of Indonesia) in Calamansi St. Juna Subdivision, will showcase Indonesia’s export quality manufactured products to be marketed in the Philippines, such as automotive spare parts, building materials (tiles), cosmetics, herbal supplements, pulp and paper, and many others,” said Consul General Berlian Napitupulu

A One-on-One Business Matching, Music and Cultural performances and Tourism Promotion will also be organized during the expo.

I will match an apple for every business deal sealed.


2.  No rushing the spoken word.

Effective communicators, the Toastmasters International is, and the newly installed district governor, Atty. Chin Talaver, showed me how it was done.


Chin Talaver (center, in purple), newly installed District Governor of the Toastmasters International, with peers at the recent installation event.

Hearing her and her peers deliver their speeches made me realize how elementary my written and verbal communication skills are.

Will I be joining them? Not after hearing my friend say I won’t be able to pull her off her busy working schedule to play mahjong.

Congratulations, Chin! May the tribe increase under your leadership.

I applaud you with 4/5 apples! One apple more if you continue to pay mahjong.


3. Time travel

Havaianaticos were taken back to the 90s in this year’s MYOH theme. Think: neon colors, video games, cassette tapes. Wear the era, splash the colors and glow in dark, Havaianas surely makes flipflops more exciting by the year. What’s next?


Reminiscing the 90s with this year’s MYOH flipflops.

How many apples does one need to have a flipfloppin’ good time?


4. Sawadee krap

My next Thailand trip won’t be until November but I don’t have to wait to feast on its cuisine.


Thai Chef Nontra-Udon Buapha is in town to whip up Thai favorites at the Cafe Marco.


Thai chef, Chef Nontra-Udon Baupha, is in town and filling up Café Marco’s buffet with Thai delights I crave for—Phad Thai, Chicken Satay, Pineapple Rice, Fish Cake, Duck Curry, my forever favorite, Sticky Rice with Mango, and more.

The Thai Food Festival at Marco Polo Davao will run until July 6.

Serve me the Khao Meeo Mamuang with the right rice consistency and the 5/5 apples are yours.


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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.