Peace & Serenity for Ikebana’s 47th year & annual exhibition

Timely and admirable, this is what the annual exhibition of the Ikebana International Davao Chapter 133 is all about.

Timely because this year’s theme of the exhibition is “Peace and Serenity through Ikebana.”


Opening ceremony


“As we celebrate our 47th year and annual exhibit, in another part of the Philippines, there is ongoing turmoil and violence in war-torn Marawi City. We would like to dedicate our theme this year to the hundreds dead and thousands displaced from an event no one saw coming. Hence, this year’s theme,” said current Davao Chapter president, Arlene Puentespina of the Puentespina Orchids & Tropical Plants, Inc., one of the biggest producers of cut flowers in the country today.


Jing Puentespina presenting the arrangements of the Davao chapter to the guests of honor: DOT Secretary Wanda Teo, Indonesian Consul Berlian Napitupulu with his wife, Elisabeth.


“Making arrangements calms the soul, brings about peace and serenity. It allows one to be still in an ever-busy chaotic world. We want to remind everyone through our arrangements to reflect, focus and go on with a sense of calmness and serenity within,” Puentespina added.

 Admirable because this year’s flower arrangements on display are beautiful. The artful arrangements are pleasing to the eyes and speak of simplicity and quietness. True to what the chapter president said, the flower arrangements evoke calmness.


Most impressive is the central display created by Puentespina. The large-scale installation/arrangement displays balls of flowers riding the crescent moon that seem to be offering the beauty of light over a Zen rock garden.


Central display by the current president Jing Puentespina


To achieve this simplicity, one must have the discipline and this is what Ikebana teaches. After 47 years since Carmen Soriano founded the Davao chapter would be so proud to know that the group has grown in membership number.


Ikebana Davao Chpater with guests


Through the annual exhibition and demonstration that reaches out to the people, the group is positive that they would be able to encourage more people to join and take part in the artistry of flower arranging.

Department of Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo was the guest of honor in this year’s exhibit opening, and is joined by Japanese Consul Tomoko Dodo and Indonesian Consul General Berlian Napitupulo and his wife, Elisabeth.

This year’s guest exhibitors are Joyce Kato, Ikebana Professor of Ohara/Ikenobo Schools and Gina Onda, President of the Ikenobo Ikebana Society of Manila 67.

Congratulations Ikebana International Davao Chapter 133 on a very beautiful exhibition. Looking forward to the next affair.

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Guest of honor DOT Sec Wanda Teo with Angel & Jing Puentespina

Indonesian Consul Berlian Napitupulu with his wife, Elisabeth, & Japanese Consul Tomoko Dodo


Guest exhibitors-Joyce Milan Kato, Ikebana Professor, Ohara-Ikenobo Shools; and Gina Onda, Ikenobo Ikebana Society of Manila 67 President


Neneng dela Paz, Dalisay Soriano, Jing Puentespina & Danney Barnett

Patsy Ibarreta, Giggay delos Santos & Marie Tionko

Rose Jaldon, Alice Reyes, Norma Soriano and Araceli Bibay

Carine Bacani, Annie Garcia & Clarice Lu


Benjie Yu, Dorelaine Bosquit, Maritess Cruz, Vanessa Uy & Jen Lim