May 2018 musings: Yes, mothers know best

ADMIT it, you’ve had your share of mom’s sermons (one is running in your head now and it’s making you smile). I’ve had several—“eat what’s on the table,” “clean the house,” and my favorite, “Bangon dyan, magsisimba tayo ng alas-sais (ng umaga). Inuumaga ka kadi-disco ‘di ka makasimba ng isang oras.” Those were the days.

At a young age, we can’t really appreciate the “grueling” lessons only learned at home until it’s our turn on the “pulpit.” It’s then that we realized that moms really know best. Most of her lessons though I keep and practice.

Sleep early.

Age must have something to do with this. My disco and bar days are long over and prefer the comforts of home, a nice bed and a cool room. Even when I travel, I would like to stay in hotels that have the same amenities of home.


Davao happenings in May 2018

Get a good night’s rest in Cebu at Bai Hotel


Bai Hotel in Cebu is one hotel you can get a good night’s rest. The modern hotel is chic and has well-appointed rooms. It boasts of its five-star service but won’t cartwheel to get it noticed—you will have to feel it for yourself. Its other plus points are: location in the middle of Cebu and Mandaue cities, and eight dining options including the member-only Twilight Roofdeck, an al fresco lounge that offers a 360-degree view of the city.


Davao happenings in May 2018

Twilight at the Twilight Roofdeck of Bai Hotel in Cebu City


Enjoy what’s on the table.

My mom is an excellent cook so I know I’m 100 percent sure I’ll enjoy what she serves on the table. I found another excellent cook in this mother—Julita Urbina, whom I recently met. She may have passed the kitchen torch to his son but she keeps a watchful eye on everything. This is why Café Laguna is successful.


Davao happenings in May 2018

Bringing back the good old Cefe Laguna offerings to Davao. Lita Urbina with son, Chef Rocky


Recently, the Cebu brand reopened its restaurant in Davao at Azuela Cove. A day before Café Laguna opened, I feasted on the bestsellers (all my faovrites)—Puto Bumbong, Pancit Palabok and Fresh Lumpia, while chatting with the matriarch herself. The way I enjoyed my food made her happy. I’ll make her happier when I go back and have more of my favorites from the menu. Crispy Pata and Kare-kare, here I come!


Davao happenings in May 2018

Part of Cafe Laguna’s Pinoy High Tea menu


Appreciate everything around you.

That includes art. I inherited her genes for collecting and I collected artworks. If I can’t add pieces I fall in love with, at least I get to admire it up close.


Davao happenings in May 2018

Stop & look at every art exhibit you pass by


The recent Ugnayan exhibit at Abreeza Mall was a well-curated show. The Mindanao-themed art exhibit presented one artwork per participant. From the lot, I discovered exciting new artists I will follow—because I can’t acquire their pieces as of the moment. Soon, I will.


Davao happenings in May 2018

My favorite from the recent Ugnayan exhibit at Abreeza Mall


And speaking of artworks, have you seen the murals on the walss of Davao City High School along Torres Street? It’s a showstopper!

Work hard and you’ll get what you want, but take time to rest.

Acquiring what you desire-traveling included and success in my own way are the rewards of my hard work. I also give in to my guilty pleasures—sleep and an occasional escape to the spa. One of my favorites in the city is Elysia Spa.

Getting a good massage is a hit or miss. I am fortunate to find one excellent massage therapist at Elysia Spa. His name is Jet, who topped in the licensure exams of his chosen field. Like any other good therapist, I feel rested and rejuvenated after a massage treatment. He aces all his treatments like he aced his national licensure exams.

Travel when you can.

This is what I’m doing now and what I do best.


Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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