August 2018 musings: 5 Kadayawan winners

It was another fun edition of the Kadayawan. Let me award the apples to the deserving.

1. Taking the touch of Mindanao to mainstream fashion.


Off to win the hearts of the world- the winning fashion accessories of Habi Kadayawan 2018


This year, the search went on the right path and produced winners with products that are globally competitive in design. Inspiration is the operative word. It diverted the look from the costume-y to modern, wearable pieces. Kadayawan Ball winner, Zamora, and Habi Kadayawan winners Carmaela Alcantara (professional category), Kathryn Fanlo (hobbyist category) and Rhyan Orillo (student category) all deserve the accolade for their designs.


Inspiration is key. A touch of Mindanao sewn into Christopher Zamora’s winning modern design


2. Winning flavors.

It’s the season for the hotels to put forward their best food promotions featuring local flavors. From the lot, Cafe Uno at Waterfront Insular presented the heartiest spread and the best themed décor for the season. The food was wide and flavorful. The Adobong Manok was to die for.


Cafe Uno presented the heartiest spread this Kadayawan

Seda Abreeza produced another winning dessert: Mangosteen Peanut Butter Oats Bar. It’s loaded with protein and fiber. The mangosteen jam topping provided the tangy and mildly sweet contrast to the natural flavor of the peanut butter while the whole oats gave the dessert texture.


Seda came up with another winning dessert- Mangosteen Peanut Butter Oats Bar

Marco Polo gave highlighted made-in-Davao flavors of the local food producers. Olive Puentespina’s Malagos cheeses still won the hearts of many.


3. Booming art scene.

Never in the history of Davao has the art scene this vibrant. Exhibitions celebrating local artistry are consistently hosted these days. During the festival month, the galleries, malls and hotels hosted a good number. I found the SM City Davao’s Art For All an excellent platform for budding artists to experience their first exhibition their works and perhaps first sale.


Nude figure. Newspaper collage by Dominic Turno at SM City Davao Art for All

Himaya’s FGarden. Crochet on canvas by Cristine Cadavas at Morning Light Art Gallery

Squid Ink art by Pastor Marvin Tiberio at Morning Light Art Gallery’s Paint me a SOng Exhibit

4. Best orchestration.

Marco Polo’s Fashion and Fusion and Waterfront Insular Hotel’s Cocktails and Canvas hosted good festival promotions. Both diverted from the usual tribal presentation we witness so much of around the city no matter the season and highlighted local artisans’ creativity coupled with a themed banquet.

Kadayawan Ball and Habi Kadayawan’s direction deserve applause. The shows were concise and fast-paced and presented the entries well. The idea of dancing the Rigodon de Honor for Kadayawan Ball was excellent. It showed how the creations will look in a formal affair. Habi Kadayawan’s clean, sleek all-white show gave focus to the products. As to video graphics, the latter’s presentation was on point while the former competed with the clothes.


Habi Kadayawan was a good show this year

Well-presented show. Kadayawan Ball entries seen in a make-up formal affair


5. Philippine Eagle feels the love.


The Philippine Eagle feels the love. Establishments continue their fund-raising to support the Philippine Eagle Foundation’s programs

Love your own, the National Bird included. It’s heartwarming to know that establishments continue their efforts to help save the Philippine Eagle. For years now, Seda and Marco Polo come up with promotions to raise funds for the PEF. The Chan Lim Family, who holds art exhibitions regularly in the city, also has the eagle as their beneficiary. Others, who stay behind the scene, equally deserve the salute.

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