T’nalak Home’s Filipino-themed holiday décor for Abreeza Mall

Steering from the Western-inspired holiday look, Abreeza Mall revives traditional Filipino décor and breathes a nostalgic vibe to the mall’s contemporary interior.

The theme was conceived by Bambi Mañosa, daughter of renowned architect Francisco Mañosa, who took inspiration from the colourful artworks of Malang and Baldemor and traditional Filipino customs and games.

T’nalak Home executed the design and made it regional.  T’nalak Home infused patterns of Mindanao tribes into the components of the decoration. The result, a fusion of traditional Filipino and Mindanao in the medley of colors, textures and shapes that sing to the tunes of the holiday.


Mindanao culture-infused Filipino Christmas by T’nalak Home for Abreeza Mall

Handcrafted paper in an array of prints and hues hug bamboo parols and conical spires mimicking Christmas trees welcome mall-goers at every entrance. More parols like falling stars drop from the ceiling at every turn, all of which direct to the mall’s highlight – a striking Christmas tableau.

A Mindanao and Filipino Christmas vibe welcome mall guests


The central display is breathtaking. An artistically-rendered church façade and bell tower— finished in stained glass pattern in vivid tints—delivers the message of “Simbang Gabi”. Its arch opens to path with clusters of bamboos with parols, festive banderitas and rainbow-colored benches. A “sungka” adds an interesting detail to the set-up.


Delivering the Simbang Gabi message while more parols and bandertias add to the festivity of the season


Calling attention is the unique 20-foot Christmas tree. A giant cone of “amakan” (woven bamboo bark) supported by bamboo stalks is adorned with the clusters of parols and elements of Pinoy traditional games— brightly-lit “sepak takraw” balls and “sipa” with multi-colored tufts. 

The bottom part of the tree is open allowing people to walk through it or provide a prefect spot for a photograph.


Pinoy Christmas Tree

Star-shaped seats of “Bago-bago” vines in holiday colors surround the tree’s base. It allows the viewer to sit while admiring the “art installation” or provide respite for the weary shopper and get energized by the Christmas spirit the display exudes. Making the space more interesting are more Pinoy games pieces in its larger proportions—a “trumpo’ (top), jackstone and more “sipa”and “sepak takraw” woven balls. At any angle, the set-up makes for an ideal “selfie” and Instagram-worthy spot.


Conversation pieces to educate a generation while evoking nostalgia in other

The “Awit at Laro”, a Filipino Christmas celebrating the spirit of play, is Abreeza Mall’s theme this year. It’s a mission to enlighten the current generation to Filipino traditions they might be unaware of while evoking nostalgia in others.


Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper

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