Ideal Christmas gifts for the discerning lot

Still contemplating on what to give to someone discerning? Let me give you a couple of ideas.


The gift of good night’s sleep: ITO Bamboo bed sheets.


Gift of good night’s sleep. Soothing color, luxurious fabric. ITO bamboo bed sheets are antibacterial and odorless. Share the luxury

Everyone deserves a good night’s rest. What better way to do it that slipping in between luxuriously soft bed sheets. Silk may come to mind but may be costly. However, let me present an alternative. Something more affordable— bamboo sheets.

Beyond its use as corset support and structural material, the bamboo, aided by modern technology, have been developed for other uses. Textile is one of the material’s recent innovations, and is proving very successful in its multiple applications—fashion and home accessories are two of the most popular.

Bamboo textile is not entirely new in the market. I’ve come across several clothing brands that use the textile. However, it just recently that I’ve actually made body contact with it—for a good eight hours on the first encounter.

ITO is one label that uses bamboo fabric as bed sheets, and I have tried the product. Personally, the fabric beats the high-count cotton sheets with its silky texture. The feel comes close to silk or the softest cotton you can imagine. And that’s just one of its advantages. 

Why it’s wise to have ITO Bamboo bed sheets?

  1. Producing the linens is eco-friendly. The fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of bamboo, the most resilient and one of the most sustainable plant in the planet. 
  1. Its texture is luxurious. Bamboo textile can look and feel like silk or very soft cotton. 
  1. It has a natural temperature control system. Bamboo is highly water absorbent and this property is retained in its textile form. The wicking property of the fabric makes it ideal for both hot and cool climates. It’s like a built-in temperature control system. It warms you during the cold season, and cools you on when its hot.
  1. It is naturally hypoallergenic. First, because it is moisture-absorbent and quick drying; second, the fibers are not treated with chemicals; and third, the fibers are round and smooth so no sharp spurs will irritate the skin.
  1. Antibacterial and odorless. Another characteristic the fabric retains from the bamboo plan is it is anti bacterial quality, and it stays even after multiple washing. The antibacterial property can reduce bacteria in clothing and even eliminate odor causing bacteria on human skin. 
  1. Chemical Free. After processing, the bamboo fiber does not contain any harmful chemicals.


The ITO Bamboo Bed Linens is available in a variety of colors and can fit standard bed sizes. Order and arrange for a Davao delivery, visit Facebook: ITO Philippines and leave a message, or call (02) 668-8363. Visit the website:


The gift of art for personalized and stylish gift giving: Alfred Galvez’s Letra y Figuras.


Looking for a design for personalized cards can be difficult. You can’t settle for a generic artwork.

How about having a local artist create your own card? Let me introduce you to Davaoeño Alfred Galvez. Not many are familiar with him yet but he runs an art gallery in Legaspi Street called Art Portal. His style may be classical but he admires and displays all genres of art in his gallery—from contemporary to photography.

Quite timely, his recent watercolor artworks of Letra y Figuras is perfect for the holiday season.


Great gift idea- Alfred Galvez’s Letras y Figuras

You can opt for a letter or complete your name. Filipinoiserie by Alfred Galvez


You can commission the artist to paint a letter of choice (the first letter of your surname). He will execute the design: watercolor on 7” x 10” paper. More than an art piece to add to your art collection, it can be reproduced by your trusted printing press as the cover design for your personalized cards.

The artwork is yours for a lifetime, unless you change your surname. But if you’re feeling really generous, get an artwork at the gallery.

Letras y Figuras, custom name initial, 7″x10″, one letter, watercolor on paper, Php 4,000.


Contact Alfred Galvez via his Facebook account.


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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper