Partying in my PJs

Pajama party. It’s the most convenient theme, no need to be a rocket scientist or couturier, no need for a stylist either. It’s a party that can achieve a 100% guest compliance. It’s the perfect theme for a lazy person like me, who spends more time in bed than any average man would.

So I slipped into my Marks & Spencer bedroom gear last week for a couple of pajama parties, and had a blast! Well, it helped that there were bedroom settings in the venues.


Pj party number one was one of my cliques’ holiday celebration. We call the group BPAs, and you really don’t want to know what it means. What’s important is that when we gather, expect a riot. Even the most proper in the group can turn to the dark side, but we still love each other anyway.

The party games were kept around the table. Name that tune to the doo-doo-only lyrics can be challenging if one can’t carry a tune. You will just have to rely on your team mate’s musical skills to win. But everybody ended up winners, a comforting thought. No bad vibes to take to bed and keep anyone awake.


The BPAs in bed


Pj party number two was Seda’s Christmas bash for the media. I have to give it to Seda to host the most fun yuletide parties among its peers. Good food at this place is guaranteed, but it’s the new dessert I always look forward to. The Mango Charlotte didn’t disappoint. It’s one of the many delicious dishes guests of the hotel will get to enjoy during the holidays.


How many can really fit in a single bed


“Don’t you just want to slide in the sheets and sleep now?” was the look of the space. Cold room, comfortable beds and plush pillows. It was tempting everyone in the room to jump in and get cozy with the the little bears on it. If you know me well, you’d know that I took the lead.


The hotel GM getting comfy as well


The team games were hilarious. No matter how unglamorous it may make the players look, no one said turned his back to the challenge. No losers in this party, too. In fact, Seda played Santa to everyone and sent us home with a cutest bear, which can keep us company in case we decided to spend a night in the hotel soon.

Thank you dear BPAs and Seda. Have a merry Christmas!


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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper