Glittery gathering

Expect a glittery affair to mark a milestone. That’s what a good friend planned for her mom, “It’s rare for someone to reach 80 these days,” she said, sending out invitations to “come in your most glittery attire.” It was an appropriate dress code for the celebration.

Calling out to people who matter to join Baby Gallenero on her special day also meant one other thing—a family reunion. Family from as far as North America flew home to see a family matriarch blow the candles on her cake and catch up where they left off.


The celebrant with her siblings and relatives


May I say it was good to see this side of “my family.” People who I spent a good number of years during college days in Manila? Well, I wiggled myself into their tree and got adopted like they had no choice (grin). Seeing them again was like we never aged a day. Well, not until their grown up kids and grandchildren joined the group. The toddlers I remember running around are either in their 30’s, professionals or married with children.


Two generations represented

The nieces


Grandkids. Twins Isabel & Sophia with cousin Lance Borromeo


My generation grew to A&M and If you’re a regular, you’d know the strict-looking woman at the till is Baby. Be nice to her and she’ll beam an occasional smile and extend a discount, just like sisters Aida and Murr could. In our case, it’s not just discounts, but Halo-halo and pizza from Merco as well. Yes, “Tita Baby” is a generous soul. It’s when she takes her role as a disciplinarian that we call her by her real name, Expectacion.


Sisters from another mother. Baby’s angels Joy,Jin & Jenny


The growing Geocaniga clan was present to salute one of their own on her 80thbirthday. There were tears of joy, sweet words and most importantly there were smiles and laughter. Wine glasses were raised and a toast was said in her honor.


Because I had to have a selfie with this clan


You can’t deny this clan their alcohol, music and dancing. If someone is used to this, it would be the honoree. Her home at has been the venue to countless parties hosted by her children.  Duke Street at Royal Valley became a popular address in the 80s for these “New Wave” soirees.

Happy birthday, Tita Baby! Wishing you more joy-filled years ahead.


The extended family

Family friends


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Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper