February 2019 musings: What’s to love these days?

Count your blessings. It’s a constant reminder I give myself when something doesn’t seem to work my way. One other reminder came from a very good friend, “Why worry over what you can’t control?” That certainly shuts up the worrier in me, then I start counting my blessings again.

There is so much to love—and be thankful for— about February. The month was good for my heart, literally and figuratively.

The eerie numbness on my left arm the past days didn’t paint a nice picture in my mind. Although my doctor-friends said it can be a pinched nerve obtained via a bad sleeping position, I shouldn’t discount the fact that at my age, what I fear most can be possible.

Bumping into a friend who happens to be a cardiologist was fated. He did a check-up ASAP and assured me that my heart is in good condition. My blood chemistry though, was not. He asked me to go on a low cholesterol and low sugar diet, and see him in three months.

The rest of the month was about “nakakataba ng puso.” Well, “nakakataba” as well with all delicious food Marco Polo and Waterfront served as it welcomed the Year of the Pig. 

A birthday celebration gathered the people I haven’t seen in ages. It was a good time to catch up. Reminiscing brought good vibes and laughter, a nice addition to the the celebration.


Tandang Sora denizens. Cathcing up with people I haven’t seen in ages at a relative’s brithday celebration

Japan is one of my favorite destinations. It will be for many others, too. The recent upgrade to Consulate General of the Japanese consular office makes it convenient to secure a travel visa to Japan for the Davao and Mindanao travelers. To make Japan more enticing, the new office hosted a cultural event showcasing what the country is about. It was truly entertaining but to immerse in the culture real time in Japan will be a totally different experience.


Consulate General of Japan in Davao brought Japan in Davao via a cultural show


Japan upgrading the Davao consular office to Consulate General means convenient visa application for Davaoenos


You know what else is exciting? Nodding to an unplanned trip. The idea of having that ensaymada from The Ruins resto in Baguio gave rise to an actual trip up North. My friend went on line, booked a bus ticket and hotel. Just like that. So I had my fill of the ensaymada, and more of the Baguio must-eat.


This Cafe by the Ruins Ensaymada was the reaosn why the trip to Baguio happened


I’m a visual person. I learn best by actual demo rather than read instruction manuals. I like love art as well. I was ecstatic to catch the 2019 edition of #ArtFairPH. It was quite an overwhelming experience especially that my time in the parking space turned exhibition area was limited. I had to catch as much art to appreciate in all 52 galleries participating.


I was able to visit Betsy Westendorp & took hoe a signed copy of her art book

On the same weekend, Davao had its own art fair as well. It’s good to see how alive the art scene in Davao is today. The artists are creating and there are more venues to showcase their creativity—galleries, malls, art markets, etc. Art is more accessible for everyone now. Here’s my tip, if it is appealing to your eyes, buy it. Seeing the art on your wall day in and out will make you smile, feel good and fill your home with positive vibes. You can’t put a price on that!


Davao’s art scene is up and about. It;s a good time to l;iven up the home with creations of local artists


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