Galerie Raphael exhibits “Exquisite Collection” in Davao

With two galleries in prime addresses in Manila exhibiting and finding new homes for artworks of famed Filipino artists like National Artist Frederico Alcuaz and Abdulmari Imao, modern masters Ramon Orlina and Juvenal Sanso, to name a few, Galerie Raphael comes to Davao to showcase its first exhibition in “Exquisite Collection: Davao”.

National Artist Abdulmari Imao’s pieces from his Sarimanok Series

Jaoquin Teotico, the managing director/owner of Galerie Raphael and son Nico shared, “Davao has always been a top choice for the gallery’s operations. Setting up the third gallery in Abreeza Mall has been the next step in fulfilling its primary objective— for art to be accessible to everyone. The intention is to eventually set up a permanent space to showcase its currently represented artists and celebrate the work of local artists from Davao.”

The first Davao exhibition includes the works of 18 artists like Sanso, Rubio and Cacnio. It also showcases the works of Mindanao artists Abdulmari Asia Imao, Toym Imao and Kublai Millan.

By Dominic Rubio & Toym Imao

Michael Cacnio’s Balloon Twist

“The Galerie sees the project as an opportunity to meet Davao and Mindanao artists and be in a position to display the chosen works as part of the gallery’s collective exhibit. It intends to explore diverse talents and prides itself in representing the best artists from the country. As such, it would like to strengthen its ties with artists from the South as well.”

Dominic Rubio’s sculptures

By Marge Organo (left)  & Michael Cacnio (right)

Davao’s art lovers and collectors came to the opening reception and snatched artworks to add to their collection.

The “Exquisite Collection: Davao”, an exhibition of works hosted by Galerie Raphael, will run from August 15 to September 15 at the ground floor of Abreeza Mall. 

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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Nico Teotico & Joaquin Teotico, managing director & owner of Galerie Raphael

Davao artist Kublai Milan by his painting
Galerie Raphael Davao partner Andy Tuason with Ed Bangayan

Vivian Rubio, Chuchay Sison, Dominic Rubio & Jay Sison

Paul & Nina Borromeo

Ariana de Rosario & Rochelle del Rosario

Rodolfo & Debbie Hao

Mia Floirendo & Sylvia Lorenzana

Mei Avancenia & Kat Tuason

Gahol family

Anthony del Rosario & Raffy del Rosario