Davao Region to join 2nd KAIN NA! Food & Travel Festival in Manila

In line with the successful implementation of last year’s event, local food and farm produce will take center stage once again with the second year installment of Kain Na! Food & Travel Festival of the Department of Tourism and Department of Agriculture. Aimed at promoting and developing culinary and farm tourism, the 3-day food and travel festival is a celebration that features local chefs, local dishes, local products and farm tourism sites. It aims to put the Philippines as a center of food and gastronomy, another facet of the Philippines as a destination.

The first leg of Kain Na! will be held on September 27-29, 2019 at the newest mall in Manila Bay area, Ayala Malls Manila Bay, which is set to open on September 26, 2019. It will be participated by Regions 3-Central Luzon, 4A-Calabarzon, S-Bicol Region, 6-Western Visayas, 8-Caraga Region, 10-Northern Mindanao and 11-Davao Region.

In view of this challenge to showcase the best of Davao and put a different twist to Davao’s best delicacies, DOT-Xl partnered with the young and successful chef and restaurateur, Chef Patrick Co of The Fat Cow and The Asian Cow. Patrick Co will feature Adlai Champorado with Candied Dilis, Malagos Praline with Duyaya Durian, Durian Turon at Keso with Langka Syrup and Tapa Kalakaw Taco with Pummelo, which are all to be featured during the degustacion which will be held at the opening of the event.

Tapa Kalakaw Taco with Pummelo

Adlai Champorado with Candied Dilis

”All the dishes area Davao-inspired and using ingredients found mainly here in our region. The concept of these dishes reflects the festivity of fruits in season and ingredients that brags royalty that is only found here in Davao City,” Patrick said with regards to his inspiration to the dishes that he will personally prepare at the event.

Malagos Praline with Duyaya Durian

Durian Turon at Keso with Langka Syrup

“It is no doubt that travel experience is never complete without tasting the local dishes and delicacies, for Davao, tourists should always check durian and other fruits in their bucket list and course try our local homegrown restaurants in the city,” Patrick added.

Chef Patrick Co of Fat Cow

Aside from Patrick Co, the Davao Region delegation to Kain Na! 2019 will also be composed of Malagos Garden Resort & Malagos Agriventures for the showcase of chocolates, Belviz Farms (Rosario’s Chocolate) for the durian of Calinan and Hijo Resorts Davao of Tagum as a culinary tourism destination. (PR)