Pinoy food is best with Select ingredients

What’s best way to a Pinoy’s heart? Pinoy food. Food prepared the old fashioned way, just like how moms did it. When we take over the wok, we take cues from mom—the process, the ingredients.  What to use for the favorite adobo, pansit or chicken barbecue marinade? There’s the toyo and suka in almost all the Pinoy recipes, and we often gravitate to the labels we got used to on the grocery shelf. Or we try something new. These days, there are products that cost less yet matches (if not more) the popular brands in quality and taste.

Point in case, I got invited to dine on all-Pinoy food: adobo, pancit, humba, ginisang sitaw, Bistik Tagalog, Inihaw na Bangus and many more. The dusitD2 executive sous chef cooked each dish to perfection—meats were tender, vegetables were fresh and crispy—and delicious. Home cooking came to mind. 

Then all the guests, which included chefs, major distribution companies and VIPs from leading supermarkets with branches all over Mindanao, were let in on the secret—everything was prepared with the Select Soy Sauce and Select Sukang Puti as ingredients.

Perhaps the entry of the Select brand in the market is good, in VisMin, at least. Select’s soy sauce and sukang puti has been sold in Luzon for 44 years since it was founded in 1975. Quality wise, it uses a Chinese tradition of fermentation, which is passed from generation to generation. The soy sauce is made with with naturally-fermented soy and the vinegar is made from naturally fermented sugar cane. Tastewise, the Select Soy Sauce has the right degree of saltiness with a hint of sweetness, while the Select Vinegar has that fresh, lightly salted taste to it. Most importantly, both cost lesser than the popular brand.

Joseph Charles Cruel, Managing Director of Wellmade

“It is the brands mission is to provide high quality, healthy, cooking products that are affordable to the average Filipino consumer,” said Joseph Charles Cruel, the managing director of Wellmade, adding, “This year will be another milestone for Wellmade when the Select products will start its distribution in Visayas and Mindanao.”

At the Select launching. Wellmade excutives- Jopem Erastain, Modern Trade Head; Ed Policarpio, Sales Head; Phoebe Sy, Deputy Operations Manager; Chay Cruel, Managing Director; & Marian Alvero, Brand Manager

That’s good news. These days, everything we need to buy has to fit in our budget. We have to be wise in everything we pick from the shelves. Sometimes the simpler label and even the lower priced doesn’t mean it can’t match the quality of the brand beside it. 

Sulit Sarap meals by Chef Jauzer 2

“With the high quality and safety seal of Select Soy Sauce and Select Sukang Puti now available in the market, every household chef can whip up the favorite family recipes at a lesser cost. Now, that’s sulit sarap!”

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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