The convenience of Waterfront Airport Hotel Mactan

Let me tell why I love Waterfront Airport Mactan—again. This is retelling a story but with a few more points that adds up to why this Waterfront by the Cebu Mactan International Airport can impress any traveler.

For some reason, Cebu has been a frequent destination in the last two years, and somehow, Waterfront Mactan always ends up in the picture. I believe it’s fated.

Four trips to Cebu to catch up with colleagues plus a trip to Boracay and Korea that goes through Cebu airport this year. Either the trips had hours of layover, or I had to be at the airport earlier than the required check-in time because of some event that will cause heavy traffic in the city, I had Waterfront Mactan to run to. 

Catching up with the GM on his free day. BenHur Caballes always looks dashing

What I do is check-in my baggage at the airport and walk to the hotel. I go back at the designated boarding time. More often, I have two hours or more on my hands. Waterfront is definitely a better place than the pre-departure lounge to kill time before a flight. The hotel is cooler (not just the temperature), less crowded, and most importantly, the food is great. The buffet with a wide variety of choices is truly value for money. 

The hotel’s executive chef. Chef Tristan Encarnacion

I love Café Uno’s spread it its surprises. I always check the Filipino spread for the specialty—Pinoy pizza, Pinoy burger (the chef loves putting a twist to his dishes), the chicharong bulaklak and chicken skin (forget the cholesterol). At the dessert table, I check the “kakanin” first. Each and every time I catch my all-time favorite—binignit, turon, cassava cake. But of course, there’s always the chef’s specialties. 

Silog Paella. The chef’s Pinoy twist to the Spanish dish

Chicharong Bulakak & Okoy, you like?

Grilling Cebu favorites at the Sutukil station

A personal favorite- Adobo

I forget the cakes when I see this- Binignit

There are times that you need to stay a night in Cebu to catch the next flight. Imagine Cebu City traffic? Why go through it when you enjoy the comforts of the “next-door home”? Sleep is longer, no travel time worries and checking-in at the airport is a breeze. Plus, you can head back to your hotel room like you have your own VIP Lounge or enjoy the resto’s sumptuous fare while you wait for your flight. Check-out the hotel when you’re ready to board.

Waterfront Mactan is busy, but it’s getting busier with the new international Terminal 2 open and the refurbished Terminal 1 nearing completion. I bet Cebu Mactan International Airport will be adding more flights on its roster. The hotel is ready for the airport’s upgrades. I heard that the hotel will be doing its own upgrades and expanding soon. 

I have another trip to Cebu soon. I guess you already know what’s going to happen on my way back home to Davao. 

P.S. I am always impressed with the Cebuano hospitality and efficiency of the hotel staff. It’s five apples for the hotel and the team.

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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