Love Sonnets, more than poetry in 14 lines

February, the love month, the arts month. Davao is more expressive in showing its love for the arts and this inspires the artists to create more, encourages would-be artists to follow their passion. 

For fours artists, Mean Tan Guinoo, Nina Custodio, Miyen Lim and Robin Castillo, Love Sonnets is not their first group exhibit together. Last year, they held their first four-artists show. Art created a stronger bond for these artists that lead to another show at the same venue, Love Sonnets at the Morning Light Gallery.

Artists Miyen Lim, Mean Guinoo, Robin Castillo & Nina Custodio

More than words in 14 lines, Love Sonnets are hues lifted from the spectrum of colors and put together by artists to create 80 artworks— a visual interpretation of love, and where they draw it from. Impressions of love, expressions of love as they see it. Understand it however you want. The artists leave that infinite space for its audience to see what they want to see.

Mean Tan Guinoo takes inspiration from the Divine Being’s creations—the beauty of blooms. Its earthly beauty may be fleeting, but the artist takes comfort in a promise that it’s never gone and will be reborn. 

My Favorite Shrub by Mean Tan Guinoo

Robin Castillo sees love in life on the streets. His everyday walking journey along the city streets allows him to capture scenes of connections. Bonds that we fail to see on a busy street. A girl playing with a dog, a parent with a child, Robin focuses on them, plucks them from the crowd and frames the scenes in a peaceful manner that glorifies the connection.

Painting is her extension according to Nina Custodio’s and color is an expression of her mood—bright and vivid when in joy, dark when brooding. Her figures depicting love in different forms are shaped in raw and expressive strokes.

(Left) Love Be True by Nina Custodio. (Right) Street Scene by Robin Castillo

Nature, friends and family are part of Miyen Lim’s journey in life. These are where she draws her inspiration from. With happy thoughts, she approached the canvas with fluid motions of the brush creating dreamy images that speaks of love and romance.

Dragon’s Pearl by Miyen Lim

Love Sonnets is a delightfully uplifting art exhibit. Drop by and feel the love. Chances are you’ll be taking one of the artworks to brighten up your own home. Morning Light Gallery is along Quirino Avenue. 

Opening night.

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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