All about Batso & Miks

Know who you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. But do it before you say your vows.

Is a three-generation span of getting-to-know-you long enough? This is how long the families of Iñigo “Batso” Taojo and Mikaela “Miks” Magat knew each other— “ages”. They practically grew up together.

Batso & Miks Taojo

The two families’ relationship started with the grandparents, who worked in the same Tagum office with desks next to each other. The Magats and Galangs (Batso’s mom’s side) would get together over company outings and family gatherings. The children also attended the same school.

When the grandchildren (the couple’s era now) were in grade school, there was a disconnection. This was when the Magat family left Tagum.

In 2017, the families reconnected. Batso’s mom, Bing, hosted a homecoming dinner for the Magats. This was when Batso saw Miks again and said to himself, “This was the girl I had a crush on.”

The bride & groom with the parents. Rhoda Magat, Caroline Taojo, Noe Taojo & Conrado Magat

A couple months after that night, Batso started courting Miks. Seven months later they were officially a couple. 

It seemed that they were destined for each other. Everything went smoothly, no hitches. The fact that both families knew each other well, the relationship was welcomed and received much support. 

What’s next? The altar.

In November 2018, Batso asked for his family’s blessing to get married. Two months after, in January 2018, the young man asked Miks’ parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage. And on January 24th, Batso proposed to Miks.

Cheers to the newlywed. Batso & Miks with their siblings

For the couple’s first big project—their wedding. They called the shots, hands on their “big party”. 

Batso and Miks walked down the aisle February 2020. 

Three couples on the dance floor. Taojos, Magats & the newlywed

Sec. Sal Panelo serenading the couple

“It’s not about the grandeur or having the best wedding, but a celebration where everyone will have a great time. We personally had a hand on all the details—choosing the food from cocktails to dinner, the decors, our monogram, and even the colors of the lights. We wanted the affair to reflect our personality as a couple,” said Batso.

“It took us about a year to prepare. It was tiring but worth it.”

Worth it indeed. What’s inside the three-days celebration? Wine bottled from Napa and named after Batso’s mom was on every table, the bar served flowing drinks, Philippine Madrigal Singers singing in church, the Manila Symphony Orchestra playing at the reception. But what made the gathering fun was the company.  

And yes, Batso and Miks pulled off one fabulous party where everyone had fun! 


Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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Batso & Miks with the bride’s siblings

Butchoy & Bing Taojo with Sec. Sal Panelo

The Magat family with Sec. Sal Panelo

Che Uy, Anne Feo, Ching Cruz, Susan Joven, Leo Espinosa, Maritel Nievera, Mylene Aquino, Cris Roque & Bing Taojo

Butchoy Taojo with Leo Magno & Dennis Uy

Agnes Huibonhoa, Butchoy Taojo & Tina Cuevas

Iñigo & Mikaela with their friends

Friends of the bride and groom

The Galang family, Vivian, Crecencia, Dibong & Bing

Ian Neo & Len Neo, Ingrid Oncada & John Oncada

Jp Punsalan, Rochele del Rsario, Inday del Rosario, Jenny Floirendo, DIngay Sasin, Emil Sitjar, Mia Floirendo, Che Uy, Chris Pasumbal & Brenda Cabang

Mom’s best friends from Tagum

Vivian Galang, Jackie Dizon, Mia Pineda, Joanna Alpapara & Mia Floirendo