Baker Moms: stories and goodies fresh from the oven

Work from home. Whether these bakers have been kneading dough and minding the oven for years now or recently discovered their love for the flour, the current situation has given them the opportunity to “rise.” 

No doubt, food is the number one commodity today. While many bake to pass the time, their hobbies have turned it into a money-making venture. With a single post of a photo on social media and a positive review, news can spread like wildfire and the can light a home baker’s profile and product. Quarantined at home, why not monetize time?

Vanessa Ong has been creating Paleo meals for six years now. The shift to a no-grain, no-dairy and gluten-free diet is a health decision. She decided to sell as well. 

Banana bread is the bestseller and the Double Chocolate Chip Cookies is a personal favorite. Lemon Pound Cake, a new recipe, is hot in the market. What makes it special? The lemon peel shavings in the cake. It gives a contrast in texture and the tangy flavor adds a layer of flavor in the mildly sweetened cake baked with almond flour and coconut sugar. To order, message Paleo Palate on FB or 0197-700-4489. Php 700/loaf.

Vanessa Ong & her newest Paleo creation, Lemon Pound Cake

Baking for five years now is Nikki Gotianse-Tan, but for personal consumption. It’s just recently that she decided to sell. 

Among her adventures with the yeast, her Honey Milk Loaf rises high among the market’s choices. She describes it as soft and sponge-like, perfect for being transformed into French Toast. It’s like the bread equivalent of coming home- you feel warm and loved because its aroma and taste is comforting and familiar. Her secret? She likes kneading by hand. It’s more tedious but she likes to feel the dough and have learned to tell if it’s “ready.” To order, message 0920-908-9727. Php 200/loaf.

Nikki Gotianse Tan & her Honey Milk Loaf

Single mom Marichu Echevarria started baking cookies in 1996 to augment her income as a PE teacher. On the side, she baked fruit cakes for family consumption and gifts for friends. 

Through the years her baked goods list grew longer, becoming favorites as well, but it’s her fruit cake that’s a perennial bestseller that she makes it available year-round. In 2015, baking became a full-fledged business. To order, message 0917-707-0049. Php 785/loaf, packaged ready for gifting.

Marichu Echevarria & her Fruit Cake

Carol Co is energetic in whatever she does, cooking included. Baking became a passion in 2009. Her family and friends are the constant recipients of her products. Selling was farthest from her mind but friends who wanted more would only accept her goods if they paid for it.  So she let them. Recently, her “healthy” creations—HK Style Pork Bbq Buns and Tuna-Cheese Buns, became hot items. The sesame seed-topped buns are fluffy on the inside and bears a tiny hint of sweetness to let the flavor of the filling shine. To order, message via FB. Php 300/6 pcs for Pork, Php 280/6 pcs. for Tuna.

Carol Co & her Tuna-Cheese Bun

With her husband based in Manila for work, Luvluv Tan-Leonor wanted something that reminded her of him, like his favorite, the ensaymada. So she started baking them “the way Cho likes it” using only premium ingredients. Her soft, fluffy buns generously topped with butter cream and grated Queso de Bola got anyone who took a bite addicted. If repeat orders are constant, then she must have baked something really special. To order, send message via FB. Php 300/6 pcs. 

Luvluv Tan Leonor & her Ensaymada

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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