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The lines are longer now at the bakery supply outlets. Grocery stores run out of flour, butter and other baking essentials. Bread and deserts are enjoying high demand, so does savories. Even if you know how to cook or bake, ordering online is the best way to go. There’s truth to the hassle on gathering the ingredients, preparation and most especially the cleaning up. I’m one of the lazy ones. Like a saying goes, “make it easy on yourself.” Yup, that’s what I’m doing.

How much of the products out there have you tried? Do you have your favorites? Here are some that may end up on your list.

Banana Loaf by Homegoods. Maite Gempesaw is not new to the baking scene. She used to run a bakeshop with a partner. Now, it’s baking from home with her daughter. 

The Banana Loaf is topped with dark chocolate chip, walnuts and raisins is moist. It’s best after a few days in the ref, she said. She uses select bananas, a household preference, and the extras are ripened to the right age. Sugar is controlled. She’s not a fan of “too sweet” desserts. She shares that she uses half white, half brown sugar recipe. To order, message homegoods.dvo on IG or 0998-881-5878. P250/loaf.

Banana Loaf by Homegoods & Mini Cinammon Rolls by Lovely Boiser

Also a fan of not-too-sweet bites is Lovely Boiser. Her Mini Cinnamons are just that. It’s “baked with love and promises a soft texture and not overly sweet cinnamon filling.”

It started with Dulce de Leche, a bottled spread. To make it easier to enjoy, she started bundling it with her homemade mini buns, then ensaymada and now her mini cinnamon rolls. But you can order those separately. To order, message Dulce De Leche by Lovely on FB, P100 for a box of 12.

Another delicious not-too-sweet dessert comes in the form of a cheesecake by The Joanquins. A 30-year old family recipe, it’s baked the way I personally like it, soft yet cake-y like the classic New York cheesecake. It’s topped with caramel sauce that teases the sweet tooth and pecan nuts to balance the sugary flavor and add texture to the delicate cake. To order, message The Joaquins’ Cheesecake on FB. P980/9”pan, P420/5”pan.

Caramel Pecan Cheesecake by The Joaquins’ Chessecakes & Ensaymada by Mr. Loaf

There is a battle for the best ensaymada in town. Each baker has a fan base. Then I discover something great in a most unexpected place. If there is an award for best bakery ensaymada, Mr. Loaf takes the crown. The ensaymada’s soft and fluffy inside is enveloped in a soft, chewy shell topped with margarine and drizzled with sugar. It’s the traditional bakery ensaymada but one is truly special. At P8.00 each, it’s a winner! Mr. Loaf is along Circumferential Road beside Mercury Drug.

Now, for the savories.

8 Treasures Misua by Cecile Onrubia Co. It’s special and usually served to celebrate birthdays. She decided to take orders last year and repeat orders is not a surprise. 

8 Treasures Misua by Cecile Onrubia Co

This is a labor extensive dish. Each of the nine ingredients (8 toppings + Misua noodles) is prepared and cooked individually: shredded chicken, sliced mushrooms, shelled shrimps, sliced pork belly, crispy shredded squid, roasted peanuts, scrambled eggs and hard boiled egg, plus chopped onion as garnishing.

Prepare your bed of misua and add in all the ingredients. The dish is a melody of flavors and texture that will light up the moment like it was your birthday. It’s a treat you will treasure!

Preparing an Italian dish is made easy with Happy Home’s Pomodoro Sauce. The bottled sauce is made of fresh tomatoes and cooked in olive oil with basil, which guarantees for a good quality sauce. Now, all you need to do is cook the pasta to al dente and scoop a hefty serving the Pomodoro sauce and mix. Add parmesan cheese and herbs to make the dish more exciting. Tip: it’s also perfect as pizza base. Time saving and delicious! Available at Happy Home, Torres Street. P185/12 oz. bottle. 

Pomodoro Sauce by Happy Home

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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