Legacy Leisure Residences leisure & recreation areas will be a showcase

Real estate projects require 30% of its development to open space. This is intended for a green space, common facilities (or amenity areas) as well as roads and drainage facilities. The remaining 70% is for the structures. 

It will come as a surprise to anyone that one developer goes the opposite direction. Home-grown CrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc. will build its condominium project, Legacy Leisure Residences, and allot almost 70% of the land area for open space. They are doing so to achieve a theme— a resort-like living space in a rapidly developing city. 

Legacy Leisure Residences allots almost 70% of its 2.8 hectare condominium developmnent to open space that will include an expansive leisure and recreational area for a diverse range of outdoor activities

“Davao is rapidly becoming highly urbanized. Soon enough, vast green and open spaces will be at a premium. The span of Ma-a Road is already an address to many villages and is a fast-growing commercial stretch. At Legacy Leisure Residences, we want to provide a large inner-urban natural patch for the residents to enjoy daily, a green space they can call their own,” said Wesley Bangayan, VP for Marketing for Legacy Leisure Residences.

Legacy Leisure Residences is a mixed-use condominium development on a 2.8-hectare property along Ma-a Road. The resort-themed complex will have four 15-storey buildings, a large area for amenities and a commercial strip at the development’s frontage.

“We could easily build nine buildings in the property instead of four. Businesswise, utilizing the most from a space is ideal, and generate more income. But we want to present a different experience. Instead of using the 70% of the space for the buildings, we will go the other way and create a sweeping recreation and leisure area for a diverse range of outdoor activities. We are taking into consideration the quality of life of the residents. It’s a wellness-focused development,” said Clark Yap, VP of CrisRon Holiday Builders, Inc.

How will the developer put the “wow” in an expansive space that’s almost two hectares? 

The Legacy Leisure Residences recreation area will be impressive. All within the complex will be a garden, water park and sports complex that every nature lover, sportsman, child and resident of any age can revel in.

The water feature will be grand. It will highlight an Olympic-size pool, a water theme park and a spray park for kids. For the sports oriented, there will be a tennis court, basketball court, jogging track, and golf pitch and putt green for avid golfers. A well-equipped gym will lure in the health and body conscious residents.

The project will boast of an Olympic-sized swimming pool

Kids will have a time of their lives in the Spray Pool

Cagers’ milieu. the basketball court. Beside it is the tennis court.

Outdoor jogging track for cardio exercises

A barbecue area by a small park with benches is designed for residents to gather and interact. Completing the list is a function hall for socials and a commercial area to service the homeowners’ basic needs. 

Barbecue pit by the park allows residents to socialize

“Essentially, there is is no need for residents to step out of the property. All these is right in their own backyard. It’s something they can boast of as their own,” said the developer.

On the design process, Legacy Leisure Residences addressed the basic yet vital components of a resort-themed condominium project—privacy; roomy residential units, from 37sqm for a one-bedroom unit, 77sqm for a 2-bedroom unit and 135sqm for a 3-bedroom unit; 24-hour security system; spacious, themed amenity area, and structurally-sound buildings.

The design presented itself like a forecast which proved most beneficial for Legacy Leisure Residences. The series of earthquakes that struck the city in the last quarter of 2019 and the 2020 pandemic that made a lockdown necessary were incidents that showed the condominium is well-designed. It is ready for these circumstances. 

The commercial strip at the frontage will include businesses that sells essential products

Earthquakes and lockdowns can cause anxiety. What can help ease the worry is knowing that the Legacy Leisure Residences buildings are structurally sound and built to withstand an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 to 8.40; spacious units for residents to create and enjoy personal space; stores in the commercial spaces for residents to procure essential items like food and medicine; and a large recreation area for homeowners to comfortably and safely move about.

“There is no better time to emphasize the importance of a well-appointed amenity area, a livable and stress-free environment to future homeowners than today. Green spaces and outdoor activities can influence positivity. That’s what we can offer and aim for at Legacy Leisure Residences. Moreover, we would like to add ‘fun’ in the list of condo living experiences,” said Bangayan.

A large inner-urban natural patch for the residents