Food guide entry No. 3

The pandemic saga continues. It’s been months now that we’ve been cooped in the safety of our nests. Although restrictions have eased down, we are cautious when heading outdoors. Meanwhile we continue to deal with boredom and fight off stress with the extended indoor living. Perhaps the entries in the recipe box have increased, the living room has turned into a mini forest or crafts have filled the walls and tabletops. We have our own ways to cope up with the “new normal.”

The selling of homemade goodies also continues and many more have jumped on the bandwagon. With several delivery services to choose from, feasting on current and soon-to-be favorites can happen with a touch of a button. 

Here are five more goodies that I’ve tried and enjoyed.

Knead & Bake by ATC’s Whole Wheat Loaf Bread. It’s only baked when ordered to guarantee a fresh-from-the-oven delivery. The weight can come as a surprise. It only means it’s compact and can be filling. The tasty treat is a soft-shelled loaf. 

I like the idea that it’s already sliced to the right thickness. A couple of toasted slices can make a perfect tuna-cheese sandwich, or whatever filling you prefer. To order, message plumplump on Instagram.

Whole Wheat Loaf Bread from Knead & Bake by ATC

With a crusty shell is how Luvluv Leonor bakes her Whole Wheat Cheddar, Basil and Garlic Bread. I am biased with garlic so I easily fell in love with this one. The basil and cheddar are tasteful additions to it as well. I can nibble on it as is but of course you can have the topping of your choice to enjoy this treat. To order, message Luvluv Leonor on Facebook.

Whole Wheat Cheddar, Basil & Garlic Bread from Luvluv Leonor

Finally, I got to taste Adela’s Homemade Special Treats’ Ensaymada, thanks to Otoy M. for sending me some. There is truth to the reviews I’ve read. Yes, the ensaymada is soft and delectable. No wonder it became a bestseller. It used to be a brand-less home-based business, but Erwin Tan decided to turn it into a full time bakery with a location in the city center.

Ensaymada from Adela’s Homemade Special Treats

Turning the daily harvest to business to support a community, Maria L. decided to sell Buko Juice. We all know the health benefits of this fruit, so why not have it delivered daily? Are you familiar with bottled fresh milk deliveries in the past? This is how she delivers the buko juice with shavings. It’s ready to drink. The initial delivery costs P200 and refills (fresh pitcher of course) will be P100 only. To order, call 0947-443-1471.

Freshly bottled Buko Juice from Maria L

If you love yogurt, then you’ll love Bukidnon Milk Company’s yogurt. I like the plain variety and enjoy it with fresh fruits or muesli. Here’s a couple of good reasons to love this brand’s yogurt. First, the health benefits: it’s high in protein, strengthen immune system and promote health management are a few of the many; and second, the one-liter bottle at P95 is a steal, and it’s available in the supermarkets. 

Yogurt from Bukidnon Milk Company

Worry not if the sellers won’t be able to deliver the goods personally. There’s a new delivery service in town—Davao Delivery. It’s a online marketplace delivery service. Not only will they deliver goods from their partner establishments, you can order on demand, meaning you customize your order and have the goodies listed up there delivered to you. Visit their website at

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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