Interior design trends in 2021, what’s hot (smart storage solutions is in)

Industrial interior style, modern rustic, eco-chic, nautical, earth tones and sustainable materials are some of the looks to watch out for this 2021. But there will be touches that will affect the home layout. If there are lessons we learned fro the pandemic, that would be the need for privacy and personal exploration.

Zoom assembly for learning and work dominated our living spaces last year and the popular “open plan” did not work for this purpose. Areas with privacy will re-enter the picture, but it can’t happen with a snap of a finger. Solutions to add privacy will be thought out, room dividers is one.

The pandemic also gave way for the home to be more layered and eclectic. The time spent indoors allowed us to engage in a good number of activities. Spaces were used to its maximum potential. With the number of diversions and accumulation of stuff, it was difficult to stick to the minimalist look of the home.

“Year 2021 is about personal design exploration and experimentation. The look will be more reflective of one’s taste and how it will work for him/her. It will gear towards more color, high-spirited designs and visually captivating design. But no matter what the desired look is— and now more than ever— homes need smart storage spaces integrated into the overall theme. That goes especially to homes where space is limited. Storage is key and this is where we, at Merlgen Euro Designs, can be of help to you,” said Honeylet Lim, Merlgen’s manager.

The kitchen.

Social dynamics have changed and technology advances. These are taken into account when designing or redesigning the kitchen. The “new gathering space” should be able to effectively accommodate the users and the growing number of appliances, gadgets and meal ingredients. 

Explore two toned kitchen cabinetry designs. It’s a hot design this year

Or go for warmer tones. Well planned small spaces with ample storage space

A pop of gloss can make the look luxurious

Which shade would you go for your kitchen countertop

For storage spaces, style is as essential as function. We will see 2021 breaking away from the classic all-white look. Kitchen cabinets will enjoy a splash of colors and a mix of finishes. Two-toned cabinetry in shades of blues and greens will be popular choices as well as dark jewel tones of black, navy and emerald green. The latter can give the kitchen a dramatic and luxurious feel.

What’s more, the kitchen pantry will be a most-desired design feature.

The bedroom.

Almost a third of our lives are dedicated to sleep, the bedroom should be designed to be a most pleasant, restful space. To achieve healthy sleep, all design components should work together from color to lighting to choices of bedding materials and functional furniture, too.

Colors of nature come into the bedroom— greens and reds, yellows and warm oranges for a bolder touch, and blue in all its shades. The color of light wood will get a nod this year. It’s modern, cozy, uplifting and goes well with a wide range of colors.

A healthy resting area should also be clutter free. No matter what the room size is, sophisticated storage solutions is increasing. The headboard, under the bedside tables and even the chair double as storage spaces. While larger spaces can accommodate walk-in closets, smaller spaces have closets that don’t only keep clothes but a work space as well.

Private spaces will be in asked for this year. Make your space work for you

Shades of wood

The living room.

With so much time spent indoors, the need to bring the outside in was ignited. The 2021 look will bring in vibrant colors indoors, furniture in natural materials, like wicker and rattan, and the green of nature. 

Good storage will aid keeing living spaces neat as a pin

Finishes mimicking texture of natural wood

Just like the rest of the home spaces, smart and stylish storage are needed in the living room to keep it clutter free. No matter the look, a room will need a display space. Why not make it multi-functional storage system?

Merlgen and your smart storage system.

Modern living embraces custom-made modular cabinetry for each space in the house. It’s sleek and a good way to organize and store our accumulated “stuff”. The look may differ with each home, with each room, but Merlgen Euro Designs’ range of materials can match the design requirements of the homemaker. 

“We make sure our choices for color, finishes and materials are wide, updated and well-stocked. Designs evolve and we keep up with it. We invest on high-quality materials, modern technology, a talented creative team and skilled manpower. With the range of materials on hand, we can offer the best cabinetry designs at the client’s budget,” said Honeylet Lim. 

If you’re building a new home or remodeling a room, visit the Merlgen showroom at the Wheels & More Compound and SM Lanang Premier, and check out the modular cabinetry collection. Something might catch your fancy.

Also published in the SunStar Davao newspaper.

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