Pretty little things: Argento del Salvador silver + gemstones make great gifts for the red letter dates

Cupid and the Ox celebrate their red letter dates this February. The small archer will be shooting his love arrows on the 14th and the strong, diligent White Metal Ox will begin its bullish reign on the 12th. Both dates are widely celebrated. Quarantine nor not, there’s no stopping romance and the festivity of the Lunar New Year, but do so with mindfulness.

On Valentine’s day, we share our love and on the Chinese New Year, we share our luck. What to give our loved ones (and ourselves) to win a heart and luck? We can do extravagance or go wise, unique, small yet precious, like the pieces from the Argento del Salvador silver jewelry collection.

Designing silver jewelry was a hobby before it turned into the Argento del Salvador (AdS) brand. It’s only accessible online or direct contact with the creator. Here’s why some of AdS pieces can make perfect gifts this season.

There is this design that’s like hitting two birds with one stone— the silver heart (or any silver charm) and the gemstone combo. The piece can make the best Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year present. Let me tell you why.

Silver heart plus gemstone makes for a great gift for the Year of the Metal Ox & Valentine’s Day

Anything heart shaped can pretty much extend its expression and intention. A piece in silver can add value and sweeten it.

Now let’s correlate silver as a metal (precious at that) with the Year of the Ox. The Ox symbolizes strength, determination, discipline, loyalty, hard work and confidence. With metal as this year’s element, which is characterized as firm, sturdy and wealthy, year 2021 signals resilience and energy. 

Spread joy. Happy Buddha in silver on gemstone ball beads bracelet

A touch of summer. Hibiscus charm in silver with mix Tiger’s Eye & Onyx gemstones ball beads

Then there’s the different energy the gemstones emit. Jade has healing properties, can absorb negative energy and said to protect a loving heart’s energy; Onyx, also a healing stone, teats bone disorders and can help you lose weight (now isn’t that neat?); Tiger’s Eye promotes balance and harmony in the body, and enhances will power; Jasper is a go-to energy gemstone to cure creative blocks; while Amazonite not only helps in healing lung, chest, sinus and throat problems but is also an antidote for unseen ailments caused by electromagnetic pollution (perfect for pessimists).

Wearing both the lucky stones and metal can probably bring you luck and love—if you will it and believe it.

Wear happy

You can go a bit more extravagant and go for the conversation pieces also crafted in silver. The AdS Charm Bracelets can charm a lover and can make others envious, like the classic ID Charm Bracelets that come in three tones of silver, yellow gold and rose gold, and the grandest silver bracelet anyone can own- the AdS Chunky Charm Bracelet. Only a maximum of three can be produced annually because the charms are collected from areas the designer travel to. Each is unique and a stunner. 

Luxury in silver. Argento del Salvador’s Chunky Charm Bracelet

Although love is immeasurable, there are times when weight counts (grin). The heavier the jewelry piece, the more love is expressed (smile).

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine’s Day to all. May the new year bring you love and fortune!

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