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March. Davao would have been in a frenzy prepping for an important occasion, the Araw ng Dabaw. It’s the 84th anniversary this year but the pandemic has halted the festivity — for the second time. 

Did we stop celebrating? No. Araw ng Dabaw 2021 was unique. The city took the festivity from the streets to everyone’s screens. The online party was celebrated in the comfort and safety of everyone’s home. 

Leah May Luna hosts the opening event

It was a challenge but the City Tourism Office together with the events group of Zegen were able to pull in off. The three-day digital celebration encapsulated what makes Davao colorful in segments that highlighted the personalities we know and barely heard of and food that’s on the list of favorites and new cuisine to feast on. These are the colors that make Davao captivating.

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Tilaw Dabaw showcased the classic favorites, like the Lugaw and Tokwa’t Baboy at Dencia’s, the Satemi at Davao Famous, the Pancit Luglug at Cecil’s and the Cream Roll at Bistro Rosario; the exciting cuisine of chef-led restaurants, like Artisana, Tiny Kitchen, Omerta Lounge, Fat Cow and Belito’s Garden; and as sweet and savory as the food, the inspiring stories of people who built a food and drinks business during the challenging year.
John Rey Plaza, roving barista; Erwin Tan, form designer to baker

Artisana Salad with Kamote Tops & Omerta Chorizo Salpicao

Obra Dabaw was all about the arts in its different forms- paintings, sculptures and functional objects. Some names will ring a bell—Kublai Millan, Lito Pepito, Vic Secuya, Ann Pamintuan, Maricris Florendo-Brias and Imelda Pangan, but Davao is home to many more talents that may be under your radar, like Gabb Sol Cruz, Mark Tolentino and Bryan Cabrera.
Ann Pamintuan & Kublai Millan

Bryan Cabrera, painter; Brando Cedeno, sculptor & painter; Gubb Sol Cruz, painter

Local weaves have been injected to mainstream fashion, which brought back glory to the artisans. Designers are transforming these fabrics to RTW and high fashion wear. The eye catching creations of designers like Kenny Ledaga, Edgar Buyan, Maizey Colleen and Wilson Limon are sought after. They join a few more of their peers in the Istilo Dabaw segment.
Maizey Colleen’s couture

Wilson Limon's RTW Line

Windell Mira’s translation

While the cultural music and dances of the tribes are part of the celebration, Hugyaw Dabaw also focused on the new talents that has brought Davao to the national and international stages. The segment salutes the artistry of the vibrant Davao youth.

Maan Chua composes this year’s theme song

These are but a few hues of what makes Davao a very colorful city. The digital celebration presented a nice selection of the popular and the untold artistry of many. Just like the millions of tones that make a color wheel, so are the talents that make Davao. Each of us contribute a color. Colors when put together make Davao a vibrant and vivid city. 

Congratulations Davao City, City Tourism Office and Zegen Digital on a spectacular 84th Araw ng Dabaw celebration!

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