Live the Legacy Leisure lifestyle at Holiday Oceanview!

Everyday staycation, that’s what Legacy Leisure Residences is about. Your address is the destination with world-class amenities. An Olympic size pool, a water spray park, outdoor sports facilities, a green oasis with putting green, and many more spread across a wide open area occupying 70% the property. This alone sets this vertical village apart from the rest. 

As the first of four tower rises, all you can do at this time is imagine what it’s like living in a place with all the deluxe facilities right at your doorstep. But what if Legacy Leisure can snap you out of your daydreaming and let you live the future now? 

You can have a peek of your “everyday staycation” at Holiday Oceanview Serviced Residences in Samal.

The island resort is the sister company of Legacy Leisure and geared towards the same concept of luxury living. In the mixed-use community is a residential setting, which includes a condominium with recreational amenities you would expect. This is where the similarities between the two starts.

At Legacy Leisure, have fun in the non-confining outdoor space

At Holiday Oceanview, enjoy the outdoor in a natural setting

A spacious, relaxing environment and privacy is shared by both properties. 

The gated condominium complex of Legacy Leisure is ensconced in a 2.4-hectare property by a creek. Only four buildings will be erected to use less than 30% of the area, the rest will be allotted to open space. The living areas will have a view either of the Davao Gulf and the majestic Mt. Apo. Its may be in the city but with the resort-like vibe, you’ll never feel that it is.

Holiday Oceanview sits in a large seaside gated property. The development follows the terrain that slopes gradually from the verdant mountain side to |the shore. It’s living with nature — the sun, sea and mountain, with the conveniences of modern living. 

At Holiday Oceanview, expereince living with nature

How about enjoying the ”firsts in Davao”? 

Summer heat is beating on us and you can’t wait to cool down in Legacy Leisure’s Olympic-sized pool, or you can take a few laps and set a personal best on a sportsman’s course. It’s the first of its kind in Davao and Mindanao, and it’s for you to use any time, any day, year-round.

The marina at Holiday Oceanview is the first of its kind in Davao and Mindanao. It’s exclusive to its members. But if you know someone who is and willing to lend you the yacht, then consider yourself very lucky. Sail away! If not, you can still enjoy the ocean breeze whether you’re in the pool or the beach.

At Legacy Leisure, experience nature in its expansive open space that includes verdant oases and an Olympic size pool

Both properties pushes for wellness living. 

You know why Legacy Leisure is going the opposite way of a usual community development and designed a 70% open space- 30% living space? It’s to make sure the residents have ample room to move about the outdoors and still enjoy their personal space. The greens, fresh air and the sports activities set in a wide al fresco expanse are good stress relievers. While at Holiday Oceanview, to be in the middle of nature is a gift.

Want to stay in Holiday Oceanview for free?

Here’s the good news: you can experience the the everyday staycation life now! For every reservation you make at Legacy Leisure, you get a night’s stay in a studio unit at the Holiday Oceanview Serviced Residences for free! A night at the island condominium will give you a feel of what Legacy Leisure is offering you in a city setting.

Tempted enough? Legacy Leisure is throwing in another good news. Due to public demand, they are bringing back the 10%-90% payment scheme with the 10% downpayment payable in 48 months. Can you resist such a tempting offer? (PR)