Merlgen’s home office ideas for small spaces

Work from home. For more than a year now homes have undergone a transformation. The addition of working spaces for all members of the family may have been overwhelming. While we all wished the setup would be temporary, the surprising extent of the pandemic may be calling for redecorating to accommodate a permanent home office space. Spacious homes can easily integrate it into its layout, but what about smaller homes? 

“Integrating a home office in a small space can be challenging. Look around your home and you’ll be surprised at what you can create in the most unexpected areas,” said Honeylet Lim, manager of Merlgen Euro Designs, Inc.

“In these small spaces, Merlgen can custom build modular cabinets to fit it. The plan is to maximize the use of the area, and with a few design tweaks, the spaces above and below the working desk will be utilized with the addition of shelves and cabinets.”

Lim shares that during the pandemic when work was moved to residences for safety, the home office design and installation orders was 30% of the total contacts of the company.

Merlgen shares some ideas for a home office in small spaces.

1. Underused spaces? Put it to work!

A home office need not use up an entire room. Around your house, there will be an under utilized space by the window in the living room, or an alcove, the opposite end of the dining table, the corner of a bedroom, along the hallway, the stair landing, or the end of a kitchen counter. With a rug, mark it as a “new zone,” add a small bureau or build into it a slim desk with drawers and shelves. Make sure to use the space under the table as well.

2. Resuscitate “dead” spaces.

That awkward corner or the area under the stairs are usually the dumping area, if not unused. These are the “dead” spaces. Why not clear it up and fit it with a desk, set up shelves, put a lamp, take a comfy chair and voila! An instant home office. 

(Left) Resuscitate “dead” spaces and let the heart of a new home office beat.
(Right) A hideaway office will quickly revert space to the relaxing aura of home when “office doors” are shut

3. How about hideaway offices?

An office built into a modular cabinet is a great idea because when you want to escape the (home) office, you can hide it away. It’s made-to-order but this option can conceal the working area as soon as “office hours” are done and you can shift back to the relaxing look and mood of home. It can also hide the clutter of an unkept office.

4. Incorporate your office into your display units.

Make the display shelves or wall cabinets multifunctional. Incorporate a working desk into the modular shelving that holds books and mementos and cabinets where favorite possessions are stored. To make the look less of an office, keep your office supplies in decorative boxes or stash them in the lower cabinets.

Incorporate your home office into your display units

Find any of these interesting you can use in your home? Visit any of the Merlgen Euro Designs showroom at the Wheels N’ More Compound along Bajada and SM Lanang Premier and let them work with you on your dream home office space.