90% of Legacy Leisure’s first tower sold in 11 months

Legacy Leisure Residences hits 90% sales mark on first tower in 11 months in June.

The pandemic is a challenging period to the real estate enterprise in Davao. But surprisingly, Legacy Leisure Residences is posting a steady rise in its sales. 

“We officially launched two months before the lockdown, on January 2020. But as soon as the restrictions were eased, we bounced back to work with positive energy, adapted to the situation, created good deals, and strengthened our digital presence and relationship with the real estate agents, and got the construction rolling again,” said Wesley Bangayan, VP for marketing for CrisRon Legacy Leisure Residences (CLLR).

CLLR Tower 2 posted a 90% sale in less than a year, a feat for the sales team in the time of a pandemic,” said Welsey Bangayan

Bangayan confessed that there was uncertainty looming on the sales department. But trusting their brand and team, they were able to surpass their sales target in 2020.

“Our strategy worked. In a span of five months, from August to December 2020, we posted a 60% sales on the first building, which is Tower 2. For the first half of 2021, CLLR posted a steady rate in sales. In essence, 90% of CLLR’s Tower 2 has been sold in less than a year. This is a feat for the sales team in the time of a pandemic,” said Bangayan.

At the rate it is going, Tower 2 will be sold out before the end of the year, he added.

Bangayan says that Legacy Leisure is unique and this is what makes the condominium project attractive. It went the opposite way of the usual residential projects. CLLR allotted a huge chunk of the 2.4-hectare property to open space and opting to erect only four 15-story residential buildings.

“We are fashioning resort living in the middle of the city where residents can breathe in everyday leisure. An expansive open space is needed to achieve this. Across 70% of the property will be the the curated outdoor amenities to complement the theme: an Olympic size swimming pool, spray park for kids, verdant park, picnic area with a barbecue pit, an array of sports facilities to include basketball and tennis courts, a putting green and jogging track.”

The residential units will be spacious as well. The one-bedroom units will have an average size of 37sqm., while the the 2-bedroom units will be at 76sqm and the 3-bedroom units at 136sqm. These sizes are designed where bachelors and small families can live in comfort and move about with ease enjoying their personal spaces. 

“Another major concern from the future and prospective residents is the structural integrity of the towers. From the conception of the project we have addressed this. We have reputable design professionals who designed earthquake-proof buildings. A story about CLLR’s structural integrity was published in major newspapers in Davao and Manila.”

Legacy Leisure Tower 2 construction development

Bangayan further says that CLLR transparency on the development of the condominium also adds to its appeal and builds trust. Since the IATF’s go signal on construction sector, work on the structures have been unceasing until today. 

“Construction updates are regularly posted on CLLR’s social media pages. We want to show our buyers how their investment is progressing. On the construction time chart, Legacy Leisure is on time.”